Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) has an Effective Ownership Structure, but there are Reasons Why Investors may not be Jumping In

Every investor in Spotify Technology S.A. (NYSE:SPOT) should be aware of the most powerful shareholder groups. Institutions will often hold stock in bigger companies, and we expect to see insiders owning a noticeable percentage of the smaller ones. We will also take a look at Spotify's growth opportunities and see if there is something that is reaching the interest of specific shareholder groups.

There are Two Main Reasons why Disney's (NYSE:DIS) Insider Transactions are Disappointing

There are a number of ways to analyze a company such as Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS), and picking the right approach is not always straight forward. When complexity overwhelms us, we tend to resort to short-term strategies and use mental shortcuts. One of these strategies is to follow what other investors are doing. In this article, we will focus on following the money of 2 investor groups: Insiders and institutions.

Three ways in which AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE:AMC) can Turn the Business Around

I have stayed out of evaluating AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:AMC) because the fundamentals are just not there. You will find a massive amount of articles that address the shortcomings of the company, and frankly, that is quite easy to do. But we are not going to do that today. In this highly speculative article, we are going to take the harder road and look at how AMC might have a chance to be revitalized and turn profitable!