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James McElhanon,3 weeks ago

Clear, concise, expansive and accurate information into the stock universe. easy to understand and intuitive to navigate. A solid platform from which to launch investment decision making. A useful tool to track one's performance.

Goronwy Price,4 months ago

I really like this program and use it just about everyday, certainly always before I buy or sell any stock. I gives a huge amount of information and presents it in a beautiful, logical graphical interface. Extremely good value and they do not try and sell you anything else, like a funds managment service, which from my experience is what most stock valuation programs do. I have been using it for a few years now and it gets better and better.

Howard Mason,8 months ago

Simply Wall Street: Simply Brilliant! A lot of thought has gone into the presentation of company financial data by these people. Nearly all the essential information that you need is so clearly laid out and fantastically condensed that I can't imagine it could be improved. Everything is bang up to date and so easy to understand that I am only sorry I didn't discover it before. Oh well: better late than never.

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Plans and Subscription FAQ

Do I have to pay to use Simply Wall St?

No. Once your 14-day trial ends you can choose to continue on the free Learner plan.

I am on a trial of the Investor plan, what happens after?

After your trial ends you'll go on the free Learner plan by default, or you can select upgrade and continue using the Investor plan.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We are confident you will love Simply Wall St. That is why apart from the 14-day trial we also offer a 14-day money back guarantee on the subscription fee.

Are my credit card details safe?

All transactions are handled by Stripe, a leading electronic payment provider for websites. Stripe exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security.

Can I can cancel at any time?

Our plans do renew automatically but you can cancel any time in your User Profile.

My card is being declined, what should I do?

Declines can happen for a variety of reasons, usually from incorrect details being entered.

We support Visa, Mastercard and AMEX credit and debit cards, if you are having trouble with payment we recommend:

  • Try using a card from a different bank;
  • Contacting your bank to confirm the transaction;
  • Wait 24 hours and try the same card again ensuring the card number, the expiration date and the CVC are correct.

You can also drop us an email with any questions.

Institutional Level Data

Access the same high quality financial data the Institutions use

High quality data is the core to Simply Wall St and we use the best. Our data is updated every 6 hours from S&P Global Market Intelligence. This level of financial data is not normally available to consumers for less than $8,000 a year.

What financial data does Simply Wall St use in its analysis?

  • Past financials (Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow) from the last 5 years
  • Future estimates (EPS, Revenue, Net income and Cash flow) from up to 60 analysts per company for the next 3-5 years
  • Market Ratios, Dividends and Industry averages
  • Management and board of directors data including compensation and insider trading

We cover 41 exchanges across 27 markets

United States

NYSE + Nasdaq



United Kingdom




New Zealand



23 exchanges



Hong Kong




Coming soon
South Africa

Holistic in-depth Fundamental Analysis

Detailed due diligence on any company in seconds presented as an infographic

We do the hard work for you by running every company through our holistic analysis model. Our model seeks to identify long term value, growth or income investment opportunities. Over 1,000 data points are used in the analysis and theentire model is public meaning you can learn and understand why we chose each metric.

About the analysis

Value: The fair value of the company's shares, and how that value compares with the current share price, other companies and the stockmarket.
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Market ratio analysis compared to industry and market
Future performance: Anticipated future financial performance based on analyst forecasts.
  • Future earnings growth
  • High growth potential based on Revenue, Cash flow and Net income
Past performance: The historical financial performance of the company.
  • Past Earnings growth compared to the industry and the long term growth rate
  • Return on equity, assets and capital employed
Health: The financial strength of the company's balance sheet.
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • The level of debt and its affordability
Dividends: The dividend being paid, and the sustainability of the dividend.
  • Competitiveness of the yield
  • Stability and historical growth
  • Ability of the company to continue paying the dividend
Management: The CEO's compensation, management and board of directors.
  • CEO compensation compared to company performance
  • Tenure of Management and Board of Directors
  • Insider trading

Compare stocks side by side

Compare up to 5 company Snowflakes and infographics side by side

Discover new investment ideas by exploring for Snowflakes

We analyze over 72,000 companies everyday to help you find the best investments that meet your objectives.

Or create your own using Stock Screener

Portfolio Management and Analysis

Understand and improve your portfolio like never before

We analyze your portfolio and create a Snowflake and infographic report so you can understand where the strengths and weaknesses are. Our analysis covers the same areas we look at when analyzing companies and much more.

See anexample of our Performance Report.

Import your portfolio to:

  • Keep track of your portfolio and understand where you returns are coming from
  • Make sure you are well diversified across industries and individual holdings
  • Easily see the current Value and expected Future growth

Connect your Portfolio to your Broker

Linking Simply Wall St to your Broker* means your Portfolio is always up to date.


* Simply Wall St is not affiliated with any of the brokers listed above.

Fully transparent analysis and data

Our analysis model is public to help you understand how we analyze each company.