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Calling all influencers and content creators: Apply to become a Simply Wall St affiliate and earn up to $130 for every first purchase made by your referrals.

Who it's for

We're looking for value investing evangelists who create engaging content to established audiences.

Bloggers and writers
Add Simply Wall St's visual analysis into your content and include your affiliate link.
Showcase our platform as you educate in courses, tutorials, and classes.
Include visual analysis within your videos and your affiliate link in video descriptions.
Social Media Influencers
Earn commission by sharing your love of investing with your followers.
Media Networks
Earn from your audience when you include stock analysis in news and podcasts.
Financial Institutions
Earn commission and link your users to our comprehensive visual analysis.

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    Once accepted and setup with Rewardful you'll receive a unique affiliate link you can use to refer your audience.
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    When a referral signs up you’ll earn 55% of their payment* for 12 months, with no limits to how much you can earn.

Earn 55% for each new paid subscriber that signs-up with your unique referral link.

Frequently Asked

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How will I know if my application is accepted?

You will receive an email confirming if your application was successful or not. If you are successful you will be invited to complete signing up to Rewardful where the affiliate program is managed and you will receive your unique referal link.

What am I not allowed to do as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, there are certain actions that you are not allowed to do.

Please take note of some of the following main restrictions:

  • Self-Referrals and Commission Sharing: Self-referrals and commission sharing are strictly prohibited. You are not permitted to use your own affiliate link to make purchases or create accounts for yourself, your relatives, or employees.
  • Fraudulent Activities: Engaging in fraudulent activity, such as click fraud, cookie stuffing, or using unauthorised promotional methods, is strictly prohibited.
  • PPC Advertising: If you are running paid advertising campaigns, you are not allowed to bid on Simply Wall St branded keywords and ANY misspelled branded keywords.
  • FTC Endorsement Compliance: As an affiliate, you must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines concerning advertising and marketing, including the FTC Endorsement Guides. This includes disclosing material connections between advertisers and endorsers, prominently disclosing compensation received for referred customers, and adhering to relevant regulations and guidelines. Failure to comply may lead to the withholding of commission fees and termination of the affiliate relationship.
  • Unauthorized Use of Brand Names: You are not allowed to use Simply Wall St trademarks in domain names, social media accounts, or communities names.

What commission will I receive? What are the commission & cookie tracking periods?

When a new user is referred to us we will set a cookie which is valid for 365 days. This means any new visitors who register and purchase within 365 of referral will be attributed to you. These users will receive an exclusive 14 day trial and be able to upgrade to a paid account at any time. The commission is 55% for all platforms unless other specified in future promotions. Commission will be paid out monthly. You will be required to setup an account for Wise where funds will be deposited.

Where can I find the affiliate terms and conditions?

The Simply Wall St Affiliate Terms and Conditions can be found within Rewardful where we manage the affiliate program from. You can view the terms and conditions here.

How can I get in touch with someone on the affiliate program?

You can reach out to us at

Stil have a question? Email as at