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We help you make informed decisions by giving you access to institutional quality data and analysis presented visually.
How does it work?
Institutional quality data

Access the same premium data the professionals use

World-class analysis model

We analyse 16,000 stocks every 6 hours using our internationally recognised model *

Beautiful infographic reports

Stop using confusing spreadsheets to make decisions

* and it's open source

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Mobile + Web

Our mobile app is a free, simplified version of the Simply Wall St web platform.

Swipe through the market and add stocks you like to your portfolio. Discover great long-term investment opportunities. Access your Simply Wall St Portfolios and Grid Views.

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The Snowflake

The Snowflake is based on 30 checks and gives you an instant snapshot of a company helping you decide if it is worth researching further.

Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets

We evaluate every listed company and turn the data into beautiful and easy to understand infographics. In only few minutes you can get full understanding of the company's performance and see if it could be a good investment for you.

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    Instantly check if a company is undervalued based on future cash flows and its price relative to the market.


    We use earnings estimates from up to 50 analysts to help you identify high growth potential companies.


    We look at a range of metrics over the past 5 years such as earnings growth, ROE, ROA and ROCE.

    A quick overview of the companies balance sheet and it's level of debt.

    Identify high quality sustainable dividend stocks.

Transparent and reliable data

We source our data from S&P Capital IQ, a global worldwide financial data provider.

Our analysis uses over 1,000 data points on every company including consensus analysts estimates, past financials and details of the management team.

Understand and improve your Portfolio like never before

We analyze your Portfolio and create a Snowflake and infographic report so you can understand where the strengths and weaknesses are. Our analysis covers the same areas we look at when analyzing companies and much more.
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First time investing?

First timers love our beginner mode, which helps you learn whilst staying in control.