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Understand historical, current and projected shareholder payments and how this compares to the market and industry

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Assess if the right people are steering the ship with management and board profiles and analysis

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dave-saunders Dave Saunders
6 reviews


As someone just finding their way in stocks and shares this app has been invaluable. The fact I can upload my portfolio to the app and get a feel for performance is fab. I honestly feel this app is useful to novice and experienced investors alike and I highly recommend it to you.

Patrick Shah Review Patrick Shah
19 reviews


The presentation of detailed company analyses in a visual format and the wide coverage of global markets has made my life MUCH easier, not to mention the very useful portfolio management tools replacing my spreadsheets.

wayne-snow Wayne Snow
Local Guide 46 reviews


After a 30 year career as an Investment Adviser I retired to manage my own portfolio. I use a number of tools for this purpose. Simply Wall St. has a unique pictorial approach to quickly and effectively cut through the massive amounts of data to narrow to a select few candidates.

da-wz DA•Wz


For those that are truly interested in stock trading, look for the “simply wall st.” app. It will display performance and other in depth info about a company you wish to invest in, thus making you a better investor. 🙂 You are welcome

jacob-review Jacob
Local Guide 51 reviews


Incredible, simply brilliant. The info this site finds and presents is unreal. you couldn’t obtain this info without wasting weeks doing intensive research. Setting an incredibly high standard, good luck to their competitors - there’s some magic minds in this team.

sara-hofman-review Sara Hofman
2 reviews


Simply Wall St is an absolutely fantastic site. I trade both Australian and USA shares and this provides valuable information on both. It is easy to use and easy to get the critical information one needs to evaluate companies. Additionally it’s easy to set up portfolios and see at a glance how they are performing. It’s an absolutely brilliant app! Love it.

Ian K Review Ian K
14 reviews


Great customer service ! I sent a couple of emails prior to committing to a subscription and received a prompt answer. Subscribed & fully satisfied my money is well spent & very informative & visually pleasing site. So far I am a big fan & has already helped me to weed out some of my future non performing stocks, probably paid for my subscription fee already.

Jordan H review Jordan H
14 reviews


Absolutely love the analysis and information this site provides. I was more than happy to pay for the yearly subscription. At the end of the day information is power and simply wall street provides plenty. Investors still need to realise especially first timers that you have to decide what stocks are right for you weather its long or short term.

Jorge Asensio Review Jorge Asensio
Local Guide 80 reviews


Easy to use. Great tools and useful screener. They do not bother you with aggressive marketing. Intuitive graphs to have an idea of the valuation at a glance. Great pricing for that they offer. Highly recommended

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