Lumen Technologies Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Kate Johnson (55 yo)



Ms. Kathleen E. Johnson, also known as Kate, serves as Chief Executive Officer, President and Director at Lumen Technologies, Inc. since November 7, 2022. She serves as Independent Director of United Parce...

Leadership Team

Stacey Goff
Executive VP22.92yrsUS$3.79m0.078%
$ 4.5m
Shaun Andrews
Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer3.33yrsUS$3.03m0.043%
$ 2.4m
Scott Trezise
Executive Vice President of Human Resources9.33yrsUS$2.48m0.044%
$ 2.5m
Jeffrey Storey
Executive Officer0.083yrUS$22.65m0.37%
$ 21.0m
Kathleen Johnson
President0.083yrno data0.048%
$ 2.7m
Christopher Stansbury
Executive VP & CFO0.67yrno data0.071%
$ 4.0m
Andrea Genschaw
Principal Accounting Officer1.58yrsno data0.017%
$ 995.3k
Andrew Dugan
Chief Technology Officerno datano datano data
Michael McCormack
Senior Vice President of Investor Relationsno datano datano data
Bryan Taylor
Vice President of Corporate Development16.42yrsno datano data
Carrick Inabnett
Chief Privacy Officer16.42yrsno datano data
Maxine Moreau
President of Mass Marketsno datano datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: LUMN's management team is considered experienced (3.3 years average tenure).

Board Members

Kathleen Johnson
President0.083yrno data0.048%
$ 2.7m
T. Glenn
Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board5.08yrsUS$519.29k0.014%
$ 823.2k
Peter Brown
Independent Director13.42yrsUS$351.66k0.010%
$ 568.3k
W. Hanks
Independent Vice Chairman30.92yrsUS$459.25k0.015%
$ 835.7k
Steven Clontz
Independent Director5.08yrsUS$333.51k0.032%
$ 1.8m
Martha Bejar
Independent Director6.92yrsUS$363.54k0.0055%
$ 315.8k
Laurie Siegel
Independent Director13.42yrsUS$354.97k0.011%
$ 599.7k
Michael Roberts
Independent Director11.67yrsUS$332.54k0.0095%
$ 543.8k
Quincy Allen
Independent Director1.83yrsUS$326.54kno data
Hal Jones
Independent Director2.92yrsUS$346.54k0.0059%
$ 336.3k
Kevin Chilton
Independent Director5.08yrsUS$362.91k0.0083%
$ 470.3k


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: LUMN's board of directors are considered experienced (5.1 years average tenure).