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Lanvin Group Holdings (NYSE:LANV investor one-year losses grow to 47% as the stock sheds US$56m this past week

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Passive investing in an index fund is a good way to ensure your own returns roughly match the overall market. When you buy individual stocks, you can make higher profits, but you also face the risk of under-performance. That downside risk was realized by Lanvin Group Holdings Limited (NYSE:LANV) shareholders over the last year, as the share price declined 47%. That's well below the market decline of 7.3%. Lanvin Group Holdings may have better days ahead, of course; we've only looked at a one year period. The share price has dropped 47% in three months.

If the past week is anything to go by, investor sentiment for Lanvin Group Holdings isn't positive, so let's see if there's a mismatch between fundamentals and the share price.

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Given that Lanvin Group Holdings didn't make a profit in the last twelve months, we'll focus on revenue growth to form a quick view of its business development. When a company doesn't make profits, we'd generally expect to see good revenue growth. That's because fast revenue growth can be easily extrapolated to forecast profits, often of considerable size.

Lanvin Group Holdings grew its revenue by 48% over the last year. That's a strong result which is better than most other loss making companies. The share price drop of 47% over twelve months would be considered disappointing by many, so you might argue the company is getting little credit for its impressive revenue growth. On the bright side, if this company is moving profits in the right direction, top-line growth like that could be an opportunity. Our brains have evolved to think in linear fashion, so there's value in learning to recognize exponential growth. We are, in some ways, simply the wisest of the monkeys.

You can see how earnings and revenue have changed over time in the image below (click on the chart to see the exact values).

NYSE:LANV Earnings and Revenue Growth March 14th 2023

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A Different Perspective

We doubt Lanvin Group Holdings shareholders are happy with the loss of 47% over twelve months. That falls short of the market, which lost 7.3%. There's no doubt that's a disappointment, but the stock may well have fared better in a stronger market. It's worth noting that the last three months did the real damage, with a 47% decline. This probably signals that the business has recently disappointed shareholders - it will take time to win them back. While it is well worth considering the different impacts that market conditions can have on the share price, there are other factors that are even more important. Even so, be aware that Lanvin Group Holdings is showing 1 warning sign in our investment analysis , you should know about...

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What are the risks and opportunities for Lanvin Group Holdings?

Lanvin Group Holdings Limited operates as a couture house worldwide.

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  • Revenue is forecast to grow 18.55% per year

  • Revenue grew by 48.3% over the past year


  • Highly volatile share price over the past 3 months

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