Mechanics Bank Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


John DeCero (56 yo)



Mr. John W. DeCero serves as Chief Executive Officer at Mechanics Bank since November 2019 and serves as its President from November 2019. Mr. DeCero served as Co-President and Co-Chief Executive Officer o...

Leadership Team

John DeCero
President2.92yrsno datano data
Nathan Duda
Executive VP & CFO6.75yrsno datano data
Christopher Pierce
Executive VP & COO2.83yrsno datano data
Glenn Shrader
Executive VP & General Counselno datano datano data
Kristie Shields
Executive VP & Chief Compliance Counselno datano datano data
David Louis
Senior VP and Director of Marketing & Communications2.75yrsno datano data
Brett Reid
Executive VP & Chief Human Resources Officer3.75yrsno datano data
Gary Staring
Senior Vice Presidentno datano datano data
Raulin Butler
Executive VP & Director of Retail Bankingno datano datano data
Pamela Tulley
Senior VP & Director of Internal Auditno datano datano data
David Wissinger
Senior VP & Senior Investment Managerno datano datano data
Fernando Buesa
Senior Vice Presidentno datano datano data


Average Tenure

Experienced Management: MCHB's management team is considered experienced (2.9 years average tenure).

Board Members

John DeCero
President6yrsno datano data
Carl Webb
Chairman of the Board7.75yrsno datano data
Gerald Ford
Director7.75yrsno datano data
Adrienne Crowe
Director9.25yrsno datano data
Edward Downer
Vice Chairman of the Board4.75yrsno datano data
Patricia Cochran-Bergman
Director15.5yrsno datano data
Kenneth Russell
Director7.75yrsno datano data
Jon Wilcox
Director6yrsno datano data
Meheriar Hasan
Director9.25yrsno datano data
Douglas Downer
Director9.75yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: MCHB's board of directors are considered experienced (7.8 years average tenure).