Broker Revenue Forecasts For APL Apollo Tubes Limited (NSE:APLAPOLLO) Are Surging Higher

May 19, 2022
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APL Apollo Tubes Limited (NSE:APLAPOLLO) shareholders will have a reason to smile today, with the analysts making substantial upgrades to this year's forecasts. The consensus estimated revenue numbers rose, with their view now clearly much more bullish on the company's business prospects. Investor sentiment seems to be improving too, with the share price up 6.9% to ₹911 over the past 7 days. It will be interesting to see if this latest upgrade is enough to kickstart further buying interest in the stock.

Following the upgrade, the latest consensus from APL Apollo Tubes' eleven analysts is for revenues of ₹157b in 2023, which would reflect a huge 20% improvement in sales compared to the last 12 months. Per-share earnings are expected to bounce 29% to ₹28.66. Previously, the analysts had been modelling revenues of ₹141b and earnings per share (EPS) of ₹28.58 in 2023. There's clearly been a surge in bullishness around the company's sales pipeline, even if there's no real change in earnings per share forecasts.

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NSEI:APLAPOLLO Earnings and Revenue Growth May 19th 2022

Even though revenue forecasts increased, there was no change to the consensus price target of ₹1,066, suggesting the analysts are focused on earnings as the driver of value creation. There's another way to think about price targets though, and that's to look at the range of price targets put forward by analysts, because a wide range of estimates could suggest a diverse view on possible outcomes for the business. Currently, the most bullish analyst values APL Apollo Tubes at ₹1,269 per share, while the most bearish prices it at ₹780. There are definitely some different views on the stock, but the range of estimates is not wide enough as to imply that the situation is unforecastable, in our view.

Taking a look at the bigger picture now, one of the ways we can understand these forecasts is to see how they compare to both past performance and industry growth estimates. The period to the end of 2023 brings more of the same, according to the analysts, with revenue forecast to display 20% growth on an annualised basis. That is in line with its 18% annual growth over the past five years. Compare this with the broader industry, which analyst estimates (in aggregate) suggest will see revenues grow 1.8% annually. So although APL Apollo Tubes is expected to maintain its revenue growth rate, it's definitely expected to grow faster than the wider industry.

The Bottom Line

The most obvious conclusion from this consensus update is that there's been no major change in the business' prospects in recent times, with analysts holding earnings per share steady, in line with previous estimates. They also upgraded their revenue estimates for this year, and sales are expected to grow faster than the wider market. Given that analysts appear to be expecting substantial improvement in the sales pipeline, now could be the right time to take another look at APL Apollo Tubes.

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APL Apollo Tubes

APL Apollo Tubes Limited manufactures and sells structural steel tubes and pipes in India.

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