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Here's Why We Think Socovesa (SNSE:SOCOVESA) Is Well Worth Watching

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The excitement of investing in a company that can reverse its fortunes is a big draw for some speculators, so even companies that have no revenue, no profit, and a record of falling short, can manage to find investors. But the reality is that when a company loses money each year, for long enough, its investors will usually take their share of those losses. Loss making companies can act like a sponge for capital - so investors should be cautious that they're not throwing good money after bad.

So if this idea of high risk and high reward doesn't suit, you might be more interested in profitable, growing companies, like Socovesa (SNSE:SOCOVESA). While profit isn't the sole metric that should be considered when investing, it's worth recognising businesses that can consistently produce it.

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How Fast Is Socovesa Growing Its Earnings Per Share?

Even modest earnings per share growth (EPS) can create meaningful value, when it is sustained reliably from year to year. So it's easy to see why many investors focus in on EPS growth. In impressive fashion, Socovesa's EPS grew from CL$11.16 to CL$30.21, over the previous 12 months. It's not often a company can achieve year-on-year growth of 171%. That could be a sign that the business has reached a true inflection point.

One way to double-check a company's growth is to look at how its revenue, and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) margins are changing. While we note Socovesa achieved similar EBIT margins to last year, revenue grew by a solid 28% to CL$315b. That's progress.

In the chart below, you can see how the company has grown earnings and revenue, over time. For finer detail, click on the image.

SNSE:SOCOVESA Earnings and Revenue History September 29th 2022

Since Socovesa is no giant, with a market capitalisation of CL$135b, you should definitely check its cash and debt before getting too excited about its prospects.

Are Socovesa Insiders Aligned With All Shareholders?

It's a necessity that company leaders act in the best interest of shareholders and so insider investment always comes as a reassurance to the market. So it is good to see that Socovesa insiders have a significant amount of capital invested in the stock. As a matter of fact, their holding is valued at CL$17b. This considerable investment should help drive long-term value in the business. Those holdings account for over 13% of the company; visible skin in the game.

Does Socovesa Deserve A Spot On Your Watchlist?

Socovesa's earnings per share growth have been climbing higher at an appreciable rate. That EPS growth certainly is attention grabbing, and the large insider ownership only serves to further stoke our interest. The hope is, of course, that the strong growth marks a fundamental improvement in the business economics. So at the surface level, Socovesa is worth putting on your watchlist; after all, shareholders do well when the market underestimates fast growing companies. We don't want to rain on the parade too much, but we did also find 4 warning signs for Socovesa (2 are potentially serious!) that you need to be mindful of.

Although Socovesa certainly looks good, it may appeal to more investors if insiders were buying up shares. If you like to see insider buying, then this free list of growing companies that insiders are buying, could be exactly what you're looking for.

Please note the insider transactions discussed in this article refer to reportable transactions in the relevant jurisdiction.

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