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Should You Be Adding Star Bulk Carriers (NASDAQ:SBLK) To Your Watchlist Today?

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It's common for many investors, especially those who are inexperienced, to buy shares in companies with a good story even if these companies are loss-making. But as Peter Lynch said in One Up On Wall Street, 'Long shots almost never pay off.' Loss-making companies are always racing against time to reach financial sustainability, so investors in these companies may be taking on more risk than they should.

If this kind of company isn't your style, you like companies that generate revenue, and even earn profits, then you may well be interested in Star Bulk Carriers (NASDAQ:SBLK). Even if this company is fairly valued by the market, investors would agree that generating consistent profits will continue to provide Star Bulk Carriers with the means to add long-term value to shareholders.

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How Fast Is Star Bulk Carriers Growing Its Earnings Per Share?

Strong earnings per share (EPS) results are an indicator of a company achieving solid profits, which investors look upon favourably and so the share price tends to reflect great EPS performance. So a growing EPS generally brings attention to a company in the eyes of prospective investors. It's an outstanding feat for Star Bulk Carriers to have grown EPS from US$2.15 to US$8.68 in just one year. While it's difficult to sustain growth at that level, it bodes well for the company's outlook for the future. Could this be a sign that the business has reached an inflection point?

One way to double-check a company's growth is to look at how its revenue, and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) margins are changing. The music to the ears of Star Bulk Carriers shareholders is that EBIT margins have grown from 32% to 56% in the last 12 months and revenues are on an upwards trend as well. Ticking those two boxes is a good sign of growth, in our book.

In the chart below, you can see how the company has grown earnings and revenue, over time. Click on the chart to see the exact numbers.

NasdaqGS:SBLK Earnings and Revenue History September 26th 2022

You don't drive with your eyes on the rear-view mirror, so you might be more interested in this free report showing analyst forecasts for Star Bulk Carriers' future profits.

Are Star Bulk Carriers Insiders Aligned With All Shareholders?

It's pleasing to see company leaders with putting their money on the line, so to speak, because it increases alignment of incentives between the people running the business, and its true owners. Shareholders will be pleased by the fact that insiders own Star Bulk Carriers shares worth a considerable sum. We note that their impressive stake in the company is worth US$111m. Holders should find this level of insider commitment quite encouraging, since it would ensure that the leaders of the company would also experience their success, or failure, with the stock.

Is Star Bulk Carriers Worth Keeping An Eye On?

Star Bulk Carriers' earnings per share growth have been climbing higher at an appreciable rate. That sort of growth is nothing short of eye-catching, and the large investment held by insiders should certainly brighten the view of the company. The hope is, of course, that the strong growth marks a fundamental improvement in the business economics. Based on the sum of its parts, we definitely think its worth watching Star Bulk Carriers very closely. We should say that we've discovered 2 warning signs for Star Bulk Carriers (1 is a bit unpleasant!) that you should be aware of before investing here.

Although Star Bulk Carriers certainly looks good, it may appeal to more investors if insiders were buying up shares. If you like to see insider buying, then this free list of growing companies that insiders are buying, could be exactly what you're looking for.

Please note the insider transactions discussed in this article refer to reportable transactions in the relevant jurisdiction.

What are the risks and opportunities for Star Bulk Carriers?

Star Bulk Carriers Corp., a shipping company, engages in the ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes worldwide.

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  • Earnings have grown 78.6% per year over the past 5 years


  • Earnings are forecast to decline by an average of 13.1% per year for the next 3 years

  • Has a high level of debt

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