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Average management tenure


Avishai Abrahami (51 yo)





Mr. Avishai Abrahami is a Director at OpenWeb Technologies Ltd. (formerly known as OpenWeb Ltd.). He was a Director at monday.com Ltd.since October 24, 2012 until April 2022 and serves as its Independent...

CEO Compensation Analysis

How has Avishai Abrahami's remuneration changed compared to Wix.com's earnings?
DateTotal Comp.SalaryCompany Earnings
Sep 30 2022n/an/a


Jun 30 2022n/an/a


Mar 31 2022n/an/a


Dec 31 2021US$9mUS$286k


Sep 30 2021n/an/a


Jun 30 2021n/an/a


Mar 31 2021n/an/a


Dec 31 2020US$2mUS$264k


Sep 30 2020n/an/a


Jun 30 2020n/an/a


Mar 31 2020n/an/a


Dec 31 2019US$3mUS$359k


Sep 30 2019n/an/a


Jun 30 2019n/an/a


Mar 31 2019n/an/a


Dec 31 2018US$443kUS$357k


Sep 30 2018n/an/a


Jun 30 2018n/an/a


Mar 31 2018n/an/a


Dec 31 2017US$440kUS$358k


Sep 30 2017n/an/a


Jun 30 2017n/an/a


Mar 31 2017n/an/a


Dec 31 2016US$440kUS$342k


Sep 30 2016n/an/a


Jun 30 2016n/an/a


Mar 31 2016n/an/a


Dec 31 2015US$434kUS$339k


Compensation vs Market: Avishai's total compensation ($USD9.44M) is about average for companies of similar size in the US market ($USD8.11M).

Compensation vs Earnings: Avishai's compensation has increased whilst the company is unprofitable.

Leadership Team

Avishai Abrahami
$ 87.6m
Nir Zohar
President & COO14.42yrsUS$6.68m0.48%
$ 25.8m
Menashe Shemesh
Chief Financial Officer9.67yrsUS$1.82m0.086%
$ 4.6m
Yaniv Even-Haim
Chief Technology Officer2.83yrsUS$1.62m0.022%
$ 1.2m
Omer Shai
Chief Marketing Officer9.17yrsUS$2.71m0.71%
$ 37.9m
Giora Kaplan
Co-Founder & Advisorno dataUS$1.27mno data
Nadav Abrahami
Co-Founder & VP of Client Development16.83yrsno datano data
Eitan Israeli
Chief Legal Officer8.83yrsno data0.013%
$ 723.3k
Shelly Meyer
Chief People Officer12.83yrsno data0.045%
$ 2.4m
Yoav Abrahami
Chief Architect of Research and Developmentno datano datano data
Yaniv Vakrat
Chief Business Officer1.75yrsno data0.0082%
$ 437.2k
David Schwartz
Vice President of Ecommerceno datano datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: WIX's management team is seasoned and experienced (9.7 years average tenure).

Board Members

Avishai Abrahami
$ 87.6m
Yuval Cohen
Independent Director9.25yrsno data0%
$ 0
Diane Greene
Independent Director2.75yrsno data0%
$ 0
Allon Bloch
Independent Director6.33yrsno data0%
$ 0
Mark Tluszcz
Independent Non-Executive Chairman12.42yrsno data0%
$ 0
Ron Gutler
Lead Independent Director9.33yrsno data0%
$ 0
Roy Saar
Independent Director15.83yrsno data0%
$ 0
Ferran Soriano
Independent Director2yrsno data0%
$ 0
Deirdre Bigley
Independent Director5yrsno data0%
$ 0


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: WIX's board of directors are considered experienced (9.3 years average tenure).