PointPack S.A. (WSE:PNT) Could Be Riskier Than It Looks

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December 01, 2021
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With a median price-to-earnings (or "P/E") ratio of close to 12x in Poland, you could be forgiven for feeling indifferent about PointPack S.A.'s (WSE:PNT) P/E ratio of 13x. While this might not raise any eyebrows, if the P/E ratio is not justified investors could be missing out on a potential opportunity or ignoring looming disappointment.

As an illustration, earnings have deteriorated at PointPack over the last year, which is not ideal at all. One possibility is that the P/E is moderate because investors think the company might still do enough to be in line with the broader market in the near future. If you like the company, you'd at least be hoping this is the case so that you could potentially pick up some stock while it's not quite in favour.

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WSE:PNT Price Based on Past Earnings December 2nd 2021
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What Are Growth Metrics Telling Us About The P/E?

In order to justify its P/E ratio, PointPack would need to produce growth that's similar to the market.

If we review the last year of earnings, dishearteningly the company's profits fell to the tune of 4.8%. Unfortunately, that's brought it right back to where it started three years ago with EPS growth being virtually non-existent overall during that time. So it appears to us that the company has had a mixed result in terms of growing earnings over that time.

Comparing that to the market, which is predicted to shrink 7.8% in the next 12 months, the company's positive momentum based on recent medium-term earnings results is a bright spot for the moment.

With this information, we find it odd that PointPack is trading at a fairly similar P/E to the market. Apparently some shareholders believe the recent performance is at its limits and have been accepting lower selling prices.

The Final Word

Typically, we'd caution against reading too much into price-to-earnings ratios when settling on investment decisions, though it can reveal plenty about what other market participants think about the company.

Our examination of PointPack revealed its growing earnings over the medium-term aren't contributing to its P/E as much as we would have predicted, given the market is set to shrink. When we see its superior earnings with some actual growth, we assume potential risks are what might be placing pressure on the P/E ratio. Perhaps there is some hesitation about the company's ability to stay its recent course and swim against the current of the broader market turmoil. At least the risk of a price drop looks to be subdued, but investors seem to think future earnings could see some volatility.

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