Omani (MSM) Insurance Dividend Stocks

UPDATED Sep 28, 2022

Discover Omani Insurance High Yield Dividend Stocks that are on the MSM and sorted by Dividend Yield. An upper limit of 20% is in place to filter out stocks with potentially unsustainable dividends. All companies with high dividend yields (above 5%) should be researched for sustainability. For more options please click on ‘Advanced Filters’.

CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
OUICOman United Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.290%-19.4%ر.ع29.0mn/aPE11.9xn/a12.1%
AMATAl Madina Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.0870%-16.3%ر.ع15.2mn/aPE35.2xn/a11.5%
AFICArabia Falcon Insurance SAOGر.ع0.130%5.9%ر.ع13.0mn/aPE11.2xn/a9.5%
DICSDhofar Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.200%4.7%ر.ع20.8mn/aPE7.3xn/a7.5%
AINSAl Ahlia Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.450%25.0%ر.ع45.0mn/aPE16.3xn/a6.7%
OQICOman Qatar Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.19-0.5%16.9%ر.ع19.4mn/aPE6.5xn/a3.6%
MCTIMuscat Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.420%-10.6%ر.ع4.6mn/aPE6.9xn/a0%
VISNVision Insurance SAOGر.ع0.120%43.2%ر.ع11.6mn/aPS1.3xn/a0%
NLIFNational Life and General Insurance Company SAOGر.ع0.340%-5.0%ر.ع135.4mn/aPE23.5xn/a0%
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