SBN Holdings Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Mercia Geises

no data


Ms. Mercia Geises, BJuris, LLB, LLM, MBA, has been the Chief Executive Officer and Director at Standard Bank Namibia Ltd. since May 1, 2021 and served as its Head of Personal and Business Banking since 201...

Leadership Team

Mercia Geises
CEO & Director1.5yrsno data0.048%
NAD 1.0m
Letitea Du Plessis
CFO & Director5.83yrsno data0.00046%
NAD 10.1k
Jules Baruani
Head of Technology & Operationsno datano datano data
Anne Juuko
Head of Corporate & Investment Bankingno datano datano data
Sigrid Tjijorokisa
Head of Legal & Governance and Company Secretary10.83yrsno datano data
Roxzaan Witbooi
Head of Compliance8.83yrsno datano data
Magreth Mengo
Head of Marketing3.83yrsno datano data
Vivian Kaposambo
Head of People & Culture1.83yrsno datano data
Nolan Angermund
Head of Platformno datano datano data
Minullie Daniels
Head of Personal & Business Banking Creditno datano datano data
Samantha Moller–Henckert
Head of Risk Management5.83yrsno datano data
Titus Ndove
Head of Public Sector & Market Intelligence4.83yrsno datano data


Average Tenure

Experienced Management: SNO's management team is seasoned and experienced (5.3 years average tenure).

Board Members

Mercia Geises
CEO & Directorno datano data0.048%
NAD 1.0m
Letitea Du Plessis
CFO & Director2.75yrsno data0.00046%
NAD 10.1k
Isac Tjombonde
Independent Non-Executive Director7.17yrsno data0.023%
NAD 497.2k
Peter Schlebusch
Non-Executive Director3.83yrsno datano data
Herbert Maier
Independent Chairman of the Board12.08yrsno datano data
Birgit Dempsey Rossouw
Independent Non-Executive Director10.67yrsno datano data
Natasha Bassingthwaighte
Independent Non-Executive Director11.5yrsno data0.023%
NAD 497.2k
Maria Dax
Independent Non-Executive Director3.83yrsno datano data
Silke Hornung
Independent Non-Executive Director0.33yrno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: SNO's board of directors are considered experienced (5.5 years average tenure).