Croatian (CROBEX) Food, Beverage & Tobacco Dividend Stocks

UPDATED Sep 24, 2022

Discover Croatian Food, Beverage & Tobacco High Yield Dividend Stocks that are on the CROBEX and sorted by Dividend Yield. An upper limit of 20% is in place to filter out stocks with potentially unsustainable dividends. All companies with high dividend yields (above 5%) should be researched for sustainability. For more options please click on ‘Advanced Filters’.

CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
CKMLCakovecki mlinovi d.dKn73.001.4%-8.3%Kn751.2mn/aPE31xn/a6.8%
ATGRAtlantic Grupa d.dKn370.00-2.6%-0.7%Kn4.9bKn430.25PE16.7xE15.9%3.4%
KOKAKoka d.dKn310.00-29.9%-30.8%Kn280.0mn/aPE53.6xn/a3.2%
KTJVKutjevo d.dKn45.80-5.8%4.6%Kn325.5mn/aPE5.5xn/a3.1%
PODRPodravka d.dKn570.00-1.0%-5.9%Kn4.0bKn604.00PE12.9xE7.8%2.3%
KRASKras d.dKn750.000%-1.3%Kn1.1bn/aPE30.3xn/a1.3%
VIROViro Tvornica Secera d.dKn49.00-0.4%53.1%Kn65.9mn/aPB0.3xn/a0%
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