Jordanian (Amman SE) Food, Beverage & Tobacco Dividend Stocks

UPDATED Aug 13, 2022

Discover Jordanian Food, Beverage & Tobacco High Yield Dividend Stocks that are on the Amman SE and sorted by Dividend Yield. An upper limit of 20% is in place to filter out stocks with potentially unsustainable dividends. All companies with high dividend yields (above 5%) should be researched for sustainability. For more options please click on ‘Advanced Filters’.

CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
JVOIJordan Vegetable Oil Industriesد.أ2.92-4.9%-4.3%د.أ11.7mn/aPE10.7xn/a8.6%
GENIGeneral Investmentد.أ2.600%n/aد.أ26.0mn/aPE12.5xn/a5.8%
UMICUniversal Modern Industries For Edible Oilد.أ2.06-1.9%6.2%د.أ12.4mn/aPE14.8xn/a4.9%
SNRASiniora Food Industriesد.أ5.200%-3.7%د.أ145.6mn/aPE18.7xn/a3.3%
JODAJordan Dairyد.أ2.740%-1.4%د.أ11.0mn/aPE89xn/a0%
UTOBUnion Tobacco & Cigarette Industriesد.أ0.901.1%-33.2%د.أ9.0mn/aPS1.6xn/a0%
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