Reasons Why I Like Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited (HKG:46)

I’ve been keeping an eye on Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited (HKG:46) because I’m attracted to its fundamentals. Looking at the company as a whole, as a potential stock investment, I believe 46 has a lot to offer. Basically, it is a highly-regarded dividend-paying company that has been able to sustain great financial health over the past. Below is a brief commentary on these key aspects. If you’re interested in understanding beyond my high-level commentary, take a look at the report on Computer And Technologies Holdings here.

Flawless balance sheet average dividend payer

46’s ability to maintain an adequate level of cash to meet upcoming liabilities is a good sign for its financial health. This implies that 46 manages its cash and cost levels well, which is an important determinant of the company’s health. Investors should not worry about 46’s debt levels because the company has none! This implies that the company is running its operations purely on off equity funding. which is typically normal for a small-cap company. Investors’ risk associated with debt is virtually non-existent and the company has plenty of headroom to grow debt in the future, should the need arise.

SEHK:46 Historical Debt June 25th 18
SEHK:46 Historical Debt June 25th 18

46’s reputation for being one of the best dividend payers in the market is supported by the fact that it has been steadily growing its dividend payments over the past ten years and currently is one of the top yielding companies on the markets, at 7.61%.

SEHK:46 Historical Dividend Yield June 25th 18
SEHK:46 Historical Dividend Yield June 25th 18

Next Steps:

For Computer And Technologies Holdings, I’ve put together three pertinent aspects you should further examine:

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