Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.

SZSC:2318 Stock Report

Market Cap: HK$745.6b

Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ownership

Who are the major shareholders and have insiders been buying or selling?

Recent Insider Transactions

SZSC:2318 Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
31 May 24BuyHK$223,181JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany5,592HK$39.91
31 May 24BuyHK$81,018,925JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany2,030,000HK$39.91
31 May 24BuyHK$731,884JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany18,338HK$39.91
31 May 24SellHK$37,516J.P. Morgan Private Wealth Advisors LLCCompany940HK$39.91
31 May 24SellHK$676,805,242JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany16,957,947HK$39.91
31 May 24SellHK$125,839JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany3,153HK$39.91
30 May 24BuyHK$1,868,119,585JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany46,377,539HK$40.28
16 May 24BuyHK$286,413,410JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany6,753,600HK$42.41
03 Apr 24SellHK$1,950,108,943JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany57,766,112HK$33.76
02 Jan 24SellHK$1,087,028,281JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany31,889,910HK$34.09
12 Dec 23BuyHK$24,851J.P. Morgan Private Wealth Advisors LLCCompany730HK$34.04
12 Dec 23BuyHK$330,598,885JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany9,711,329HK$34.04
12 Dec 23BuyHK$8,284,845JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany243,367HK$34.04
12 Dec 23SellHK$4,834JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany142HK$34.04
12 Dec 23SellHK$911,116JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany26,764HK$34.04
11 Dec 23SellHK$602,877,689JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany18,013,827HK$33.47
01 Dec 23SellHK$408,765,460UBS Asset Management AGCompany10,675,432HK$38.29
06 Oct 23BuyHK$359,389JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany8,428HK$42.64
06 Oct 23BuyHK$4,435JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany104HK$42.64
06 Oct 23BuyHK$4,686,304JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany109,898HK$42.64
06 Oct 23SellHK$189,701,833JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany4,448,677HK$42.64
06 Oct 23SellHK$229,974,588JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany5,393,109HK$42.64
05 Oct 23BuyHK$217,266,566JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany5,132,273HK$42.33
03 Oct 23SellHK$962,449,552JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany22,623,196HK$42.54
25 Aug 23BuyHK$1,532,230JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany34,458HK$44.47
25 Aug 23BuyHK$17,319,739JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany389,500HK$44.47
25 Aug 23BuyHK$17,674,049JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany397,468HK$44.47
25 Aug 23SellHK$560,358,795JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany12,601,792HK$44.47
25 Aug 23SellHK$43,988,536JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany989,249HK$44.47
25 Aug 23SellHK$177,866JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany4,000HK$44.47
24 Aug 23BuyHK$200,285,342JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany4,538,150HK$44.13
22 Aug 23BuyHK$484,012JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany11,000HK$44.00
22 Aug 23BuyHK$49,738,407JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany1,130,390HK$44.00
22 Aug 23BuyHK$12,016,085JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany273,086HK$44.00
22 Aug 23SellHK$2,824,786,559JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany64,198,085HK$44.00
21 Aug 23BuyHK$2,848,485,416JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany64,818,443HK$43.95
08 Aug 23BuyHK$47,051JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany892HK$52.75
08 Aug 23BuyHK$1,329,767JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany25,210HK$52.75
08 Aug 23SellHK$1,514,523,540JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany28,712,653HK$52.75
08 Aug 23SellHK$6,751,693JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany128,000HK$52.75
08 Aug 23SellHK$685,719JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany13,000HK$52.75
07 Aug 23BuyHK$598,082,532JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany11,101,382HK$53.87
02 Aug 23SellHK$842,934,010JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany15,718,199HK$53.63
28 Jul 23BuyHK$529,593,453JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany9,507,449HK$55.70
28 Jul 23SellHK$1,313,700JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany23,584HK$55.70
27 Jul 23BuyHK$698,643JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany12,988HK$53.79
27 Jul 23SellHK$421,892,714JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany7,843,126HK$53.79
27 Jul 23SellHK$5,594Crédit agricole Centre-est Immobilier SASCompany104HK$53.79
27 Jul 23SellHK$349,644JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany6,500HK$53.79
27 Jul 23SellHK$225,063JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany4,184HK$53.79
25 Jul 23BuyHK$404,455,875JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany7,761,564HK$52.11
20 Jul 23BuyHK$701,687JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany14,000HK$50.12
20 Jul 23BuyHK$1,152,771JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany23,000HK$50.12
20 Jul 23SellHK$1,284,406,769JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany25,626,376HK$50.12
20 Jul 23SellHK$852,048JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany17,000HK$50.12
20 Jul 23SellHK$726,747JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany14,500HK$50.12
19 Jul 23BuyHK$947,415,887JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany18,910,873HK$50.10
17 Jul 23BuyHK$2,464,218JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany45,000HK$54.76
17 Jul 23SellHK$353,327,262JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany6,452,240HK$54.76
17 Jul 23SellHK$5,421,280JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany99,000HK$54.76
17 Jul 23SellHK$1,010,987JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany18,462HK$54.76
13 Jul 23BuyHK$327,094,577JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany6,310,997HK$51.83
13 Jul 23BuyHK$10,003,056JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany193,000HK$51.83
13 Jul 23BuyHK$326,317JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany6,296HK$51.83
13 Jul 23SellHK$68,570JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany1,323HK$51.83
13 Jul 23SellHK$5,986,285JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany115,500HK$51.83
20 Jun 23BuyHK$610JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany12HK$50.82
20 Jun 23BuyHK$18,320,214JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany360,500HK$50.82
20 Jun 23BuyHK$18,853,660JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany370,997HK$50.82
20 Jun 23SellHK$2,556,863,988JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany50,313,247HK$50.82
20 Jun 23SellHK$9,045,765JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany178,000HK$50.82
19 Jun 23BuyHK$585,477,812JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany11,273,866HK$51.93
19 Jun 23BuyHK$188,366,145JPMorgan Chase & Co, Private Banking and Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany3,627,148HK$51.93
19 Jun 23SellHK$3,191,915JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany61,463HK$51.93

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: Insufficient data to determine if insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of 2318?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
Individual Insiders12,001,6260.0663%
Employee Share Scheme350,906,7631.94%
Private Companies2,195,140,24312.1%
General Public10,184,286,38656.2%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 34.66% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd
962,719,102HK$39.6b0%no data
Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd.
914,966,328HK$37.7b-3.32%no data
China Securities Finance Corp, Asset Management Arm
Central Huijin Asset Management Ltd.
BlackRock, Inc.
Capital Research and Management Company
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd., ESOP
350,906,763HK$14.4b0%no data
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Shum Yip Group Limited
257,728,008HK$10.6b0%no data
China Asset Management Co. Ltd.
Dacheng Fund Management Co., Ltd.
SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd.
UBS Asset Management AG
JP Morgan Asset Management
E Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
Norges Bank Investment Management
Baillie Gifford & Co.
Delight Peace Investments (SPV) Limited
59,712,985HK$2.5b76.1%no data
First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd
Fidelity International Ltd
Massachusetts Financial Services Company
Davis Selected Advisers LP
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