Streamwide SA. (EPA:ALSTW): Exploring Free Cash Flows

Two important questions to ask before you buy Streamwide SA. (ENXTPA:ALSTW) is, how it makes money and how it spends its cash. What is left after investment, determines the value of the stock since this cash flow technically belongs to investors of the company. I will take you through Streamwide’s cash flow health and the risk-return concept based on the stock’s cash flow yield, using the most recent financial data. This will help you think about the company from a cash perspective, which is a crucial factor to investing. View our latest analysis for Streamwide

What is Streamwide’s cash yield?

Free cash flow (FCF) is the amount of cash Streamwide has left after it pays off its expenses, including its net capital expenditures, which is what the company needs to spend each year to maintain or grow its business operations. The two ways to assess whether Streamwide’s FCF is sufficient, is to compare the FCF yield to the market index yield, as well as determine whether the top-line operating cash flows will continue to grow.

Free Cash Flow = Operating Cash Flows – Net Capital Expenditure

Free Cash Flow Yield = Free Cash Flow / Enterprise Value

where Enterprise Value = Market Capitalisation + Net Debt

After accounting for capital expenses required to run the business, Streamwide is not able to generate positive FCF, leading to a negative FCF yield – not very useful for interpretation!

ENXTPA:ALSTW Net Worth Jun 7th 18
ENXTPA:ALSTW Net Worth Jun 7th 18

What’s the cash flow outlook for Streamwide?

Streamwide’s FCF may be negative today, but is operating cash flows expected to improve in the future? Let’s examine the cash flow trend the company is anticipated to produce over time. Over the next two years, Streamwide’s operating cash flows is expected to more than double, which is highly optimistic, so long as capital expenditure doesn’t ramp up by even more. Below is a table of Streamwide’s operating cash flow in the past year, as well as the anticipated level going forward.
Current +1 year +2 year
Operating Cash Flow (OCF) €240.00K €1.20M €1.70M
OCF Growth Year-On-Year 400.00% 41.67%
OCF Growth From Current Year 608.33%

Next Steps:

Keep in mind that cash is only one aspect of investment analysis and there are other important fundamentals to assess. I recommend you continue to research Streamwide to get a better picture of the company by looking at:

  1. Historical Performance: What has ALSTW’s returns been like over the past? Go into more detail in the past track record analysis and take a look at the free visual representations of our analysis for more clarity.
  2. Management Team: An experienced management team on the helm increases our confidence in the business – take a look at who sits on Streamwide’s board and the CEO’s back ground.
  3. Other High-Performing Stocks: If you believe you should cushion your portfolio with something less risky, scroll through our free list of these great stocks here.