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Tunisian Insurance Strong Balance Sheet Stocks

UPDATED May 07, 2022

U.S. Strong Balance Sheet Stocks: companies with a Health score of at least 4, ordered by Health score.

5 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
BHASSBH Assuranceد.ت47.500%n/aد.ت126.4mn/aPE9.6xn/a2.3%
TRESociété Tunisienne de Réassuranceد.ت6.992.8%-5.5%د.ت139.5mn/aPE9.5xn/a3.5%
ASSMAAssurances Maghrebiaد.ت58.80-1.2%-5.6%د.ت264.6mn/aPE8.8xn/a3.2%
STARSociété Tunisienne d'Assurances et de Réassurancesد.ت120.000%-4.0%د.ت276.9mn/aPE14.9xn/an/a
ASTCompagnie d'Assurances et de Réassurances ASTREEد.ت57.430%n/aد.ت344.6mn/aPE12.7xn/a4.9%
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