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Mexican Strong Past Earnings Growth, P/E Ratio Below 20

A list of companies that grew earnings by 20% and are trading on less than 20 times earnings. All with a debt to equity ratio below 1.

7 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv YieldIndustry
IENOVA *Infraestructura Energética Nova. deMex$70.07-10.4%14.2%Mex$103.1bMex$96.56P/E9.7xE5.8%0%Utilities
GRUMA BGruma. deMex$239.452.4%1.4%Mex$92.3bMex$255.61P/E15.7xE5.4%2.2%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
CMOCTEZ *Corporación Moctezuma. deMex$63.300%28.0%Mex$55.3bMex$66.00P/E12.2xE4.9%6.3%Materials
SORIANA BOrganización Soriana S. A. B. de C. VMex$24.40-2.8%63.5%Mex$43.9bMex$20.25P/E11xE5.8%0%Consumer Retailing
FRAGUA BCorporativo Fragua. deMex$317.792.8%44.5%Mex$30.7bMex$406.67P/E13.3xE14.4%3.0%Consumer Retailing
LAB BGenomma Lab Internacional. deMex$20.44-1.9%-6.2%Mex$21.0bMex$26.23P/E14.4xE17.8%n/aPharmaceuticals & Biotech
ACCELSA BAccel. deMex$20.500%13.9%Mex$3.9bn/aP/E11.3xn/an/aFood, Beverage & Tobacco
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