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Argentinian Strong Past Earnings Growth, P/E Ratio Below 20

UPDATED Oct 01, 2022

A list of companies that grew earnings by 20% and are trading on less than 20 times earnings. All with a debt to equity ratio below 1.

4 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv YieldIndustry
PAMPPampa EnergĂ­aAR$283.45-3.9%110.7%AR$392.2bAR$263.00PE8.7xE16.4%0%Utilities
BBARBanco BBVA ArgentinaAR$315.85-1.3%27.7%AR$193.5bAR$527.67PB0.8xE18.1%6.8%Banks
MOLAMolinos AgroAR$2,797.000.4%154.3%AR$137.4bAR$2,300.00PE11.5xS17.4%3.6%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
COMESociedad Comercial del PlataAR$14.20-3.7%186.9%AR$44.3bAR$16.80PE11.3xS28.9%0.8%Energy
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