9 Days Left To Diebold Nixdorf Incorporated (NYSE:DBD)’s Ex-Dividend Date, Should You Buy?

Important news for shareholders and potential investors in Diebold Nixdorf Incorporated (NYSE:DBD): The dividend payment of $0.1 per share will be distributed into shareholder on 16 March 2018, and the stock will begin trading ex-dividend at an earlier date, 23 February 2018. Is this future income a persuasive enough catalyst for investors to think about Diebold Nixdorf as an investment today? Below, I’m going to look at the latest data and analyze the stock and its dividend property in further detail. Check out our latest analysis for Diebold Nixdorf

How I analyze a dividend stock

Whenever I am looking at a potential dividend stock investment, I always check these five metrics:

  • Is it the top 25% annual dividend yield payer?
  • Has it consistently paid a stable dividend without missing a payment or drastically cutting payout?
  • Has it increased its dividend per share amount over the past?
  • Is is able to pay the current rate of dividends from its earnings?
  • Based on future earnings growth, will it be able to continue to payout dividend at the current rate?

NYSE:DBD Historical Dividend Yield Feb 13th 18
NYSE:DBD Historical Dividend Yield Feb 13th 18

How does Diebold Nixdorf fare?

The current payout ratio for DBD is negative, which means that it is loss-making, and paying its dividend from its retained earnings. Reliablity is an important factor for dividend stocks, particularly for income investors who want a strong track record of payment and a positive outlook for future payout. Dividend payments from Diebold Nixdorf have been volatile in the past 10 years, with some years experiencing significant drops of over 25%. These characteristics do not bode well for income investors seeking reliable stream of dividends. Compared to its peers, Diebold Nixdorf has a yield of 2.75%, which is high for Tech stocks but still below the market’s top dividend payers.

Next Steps:

Now you know to keep in mind the reason why investors should be careful investing in Diebold Nixdorf for the dividend. On the other hand, if you are not strictly just a dividend investor, the stock could still be offering some interesting investment opportunities. Given that this is purely a dividend analysis, I recommend taking sufficient time to understand its core business and determine whether the company and its investment properties suit your overall goals. Below, I’ve compiled three pertinent aspects you should further research: