Petrus Resources Ltd.

OTCPK:PTRU.F Stock Report

Market Cap: US$123.0m

Petrus Resources Ownership

Who are the major shareholders and have insiders been buying or selling?

Recent Insider Transactions

OTCPK:PTRU.F Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
07 Jun 24SellUS$38,529Ken GrayIndividual40,000US$0.96
07 Jun 24BuyUS$21,549Ken GrayIndividual55,923US$0.39
07 Jun 24SellUS$28,135Ken GrayIndividual28,879US$0.97
05 Jun 24BuyUS$13,569Ken GrayIndividual35,100US$0.39
05 Jun 24SellUS$33,795Ken GrayIndividual35,100US$0.96
28 May 24SellUS$4,101Mathew WongIndividual3,989US$1.04
28 May 24BuyUS$777Ken GrayIndividual2,000US$0.39
28 May 24SellUS$2,082Ken GrayIndividual2,000US$1.04
27 May 24BuyUS$1,054Ken GrayIndividual2,711US$0.39
23 May 24BuyUS$38,686Ken GrayIndividual100,000US$0.39
23 May 24SellUS$51,678Ken GrayIndividual49,859US$1.04
10 May 24SellUS$10,101Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.01
10 May 24SellUS$37,990Ken GrayIndividual37,600US$1.01
10 May 24BuyUS$14,586Ken GrayIndividual37,600US$0.39
15 Feb 24BuyUS$22,170Ken GrayIndividual40,000US$0.56
15 Feb 24SellUS$25,126Ken GrayIndividual27,200US$0.93
12 Feb 24BuyUS$22,323Ken GrayIndividual40,000US$0.56
12 Feb 24SellUS$25,478Ken GrayIndividual26,750US$0.95
08 Feb 24BuyUS$33,378Ken GrayIndividual60,000US$0.56
08 Feb 24SellUS$37,975Ken GrayIndividual40,419US$0.94
07 Feb 24BuyUS$1,697Matt SkanderupIndividual1,800US$0.94
24 Jan 24BuyUS$5,563Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$0.56
24 Jan 24SellUS$6,394Ken GrayIndividual6,580US$0.97
15 Jan 24BuyUS$7,438Ken GrayIndividual13,333US$0.56
15 Jan 24SellUS$15,893Ken GrayIndividual16,116US$0.99
11 Jan 24BuyUS$5,581Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$0.56
11 Jan 24SellUS$6,443Ken GrayIndividual6,511US$0.99
10 Jan 24BuyUS$5,604Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$0.56
10 Jan 24SellUS$6,470Ken GrayIndividual6,511US$0.99
09 Jan 24BuyUS$9,970Ken GrayIndividual15,000US$0.66
09 Jan 24SellUS$10,932Ken GrayIndividual11,090US$0.99
05 Jan 24BuyUS$6,675Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$0.67
02 Jan 24BuyUS$6,685Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$0.67
02 Jan 24SellUS$7,316Ken GrayIndividual7,435US$0.98
02 Jan 24SellUS$7,300Ken GrayIndividual7,476US$0.98
29 Dec 23SellUS$8,610Mathew WongIndividual8,800US$1.00
22 Dec 23SellUS$9,781Mathew WongIndividual10,100US$1.01
14 Dec 23BuyUS$1,204Lindsay HatcherIndividual2,153US$0.56
13 Dec 23SellUS$21,816Lindsay HatcherIndividual21,930US$0.99
13 Dec 23SellUS$47,857Mathew WongIndividual48,108US$0.99
10 Nov 23BuyUS$4,800Ken GrayIndividual5,000US$0.96
10 Nov 23BuyUS$9,615Peter VerburgIndividual10,000US$0.96
18 Oct 23BuyUS$4,053Mathew WongIndividual3,800US$1.07
05 Oct 23BuyUS$9,800Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$0.98
26 Sep 23BuyUS$10,000Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.00
21 Sep 23BuyUS$20,400Ken GrayIndividual20,000US$1.02
19 Sep 23BuyUS$10,600Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.06
15 Sep 23SellUS$6,702Mathew WongIndividual6,000US$1.12
07 Sep 23BuyUS$5,375Ken GrayIndividual5,000US$1.08
05 Sep 23SellUS$11,601Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.16
28 Aug 23BuyUS$107Ken GrayIndividual100US$1.07
24 Aug 23BuyUS$7,383Ken GrayIndividual6,900US$1.07
11 Jul 23BuyUS$13,194Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.32
11 Jul 23SellUS$13,194Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.32
10 Jul 23SellUS$12,793Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.28
06 Jul 23SellUS$8,010Mathew WongIndividual6,600US$1.22
28 Jun 23BuyUS$10,934Ken GrayIndividual10,000US$1.10

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: PTRU.F insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of PTRU.F?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
General Public30,979,92024.9%
Individual Insiders92,990,32874.8%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 12 shareholders own 75.08% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Donald Gray
34,031,688US$33.7m0%no data
Glen Gray
28,463,884US$28.2m0%no data
Stuart Gray
25,805,896US$25.5m0%no data
Ken Gray
3,985,855US$3.9m0.69%no data
Matt Skanderup
237,590US$235.0k0%no data
Patrick Arnell
225,994US$223.6k0%no data
Picton Mahoney Asset Management
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
122,810US$121.5k0.15%no data
Peter Verburg
92,365US$91.4k0%no data
Lindsay Hatcher
62,385US$61.7k0%no data
Mathew Wong
60,051US$59.4k8.16%no data
Donald Cormack
24,620US$24.4k0%no data
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