Diamond Offshore Drilling Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Jr. Wolford (62 yo)





Mr. Bernie G. Wolford, Jr. serves as President, Chief Executive Officer since May 07, 2021 and Director at Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. since May 08, 2021. Mr. Wolford served as Chief Executive Officer a...

CEO Compensation Analysis

How has Jr. Wolford's remuneration changed compared to Diamond Offshore Drilling's earnings?
DateTotal Comp.SalaryCompany Earnings
Sep 30 2022n/an/a


Jun 30 2022n/an/a


Mar 31 2022n/an/a


Dec 31 2021US$8mUS$438k


Compensation vs Market: Jr.'s total compensation ($USD8.44M) is above average for companies of similar size in the US market ($USD3.97M).

Compensation vs Earnings: Insufficient data to compare Jr.'s compensation with company performance.

Leadership Team

Bernie Wolford
$ 4.5m
Dominic Savarino
Senior VP & CFO1.25yrsUS$2.12m0.035%
$ 309.0k
David Roland
Senior VP8.25yrsUS$2.15m0.035%
$ 309.0k
Tim Osburn
Chief Information Officerno datano datano data
Samir Ali
Vice President of Investor Relations & Corporate Developmentno datano datano data
Aaron Sobel
Vice President of Human Resourcesno datano datano data
Karl Sellers
Senior Vice President of Technical Servicesno datano datano data
Jon Richards
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations2.67yrsno datano data
Stephen Elwood
Senior Vice President of Taxno datano datano data
Neil Hall
Vice President of HSEno datano datano data
Tri Le
Vice President of Subseano datano datano data
Kane Liddelow
Vice President of Contracts & Marketingno datano datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: DO's management team is considered experienced (2.1 years average tenure).

Board Members

Bernie Wolford
$ 4.5m
John Hollowell
Independent Director1.67yrsUS$698.82kno data
Benjamin Duster
Director0.58yrno datano data
Neal Goldman
Independent Chairman of the Board1.67yrsUS$982.69kno data
Patrick Lowe
Independent Director1.67yrsUS$686.93kno data
Adam Peakes
Independent Director1.67yrsUS$742.69kno data
Raj Iyer
Independent Director1.67yrsUS$548.44kno data
Ane Launy
Independent Director1.67yrsUS$567.21kno data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: DO's board of directors are not considered experienced ( 1.7 years average tenure), which suggests a new board.