Robinhood Markets, Inc.

NasdaqGS:HOOD Stock Report

Mkt Cap: US$7.9b

Robinhood Markets Dividend

Dividend criteria checks 0/6

Robinhood Markets does not have a record of paying a dividend.

Key information


Dividend yield


Payout ratio

Industry average yield2.9%
Next dividend pay daten/a
Ex dividend daten/a
Dividend per shareUS$0
Earnings per share-US$1.15
Dividend yield forecast in 3Y5.7%

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No updates

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Dividend Yield vs Market

Robinhood Markets Dividend Yield vs Market
How does HOOD dividend yield compare to the market?
SegmentDividend Yield
Company (HOOD)n/a
Market Bottom 25% (US)1.6%
Market Top 25% (US)4.6%
Industry Average (Capital Markets)2.9%
Analyst forecast in 3 Years (HOOD)5.7%

Stability and Growth of Payments

How stable has Robinhood Markets's dividend per share been in the past?
MonthDividend Per Share (annual)Avg. Yield (%)

Earnings Payout to Shareholders

Cash Payout to Shareholders

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