First United Corporation

NasdaqGS:FUNC Stock Report

Mkt Cap: US$127.2m

First United Financial Health

How is First United's financial position? (This company is analysed differently as a bank or financial institution)

Financial Health Score


Financial Health Score 6/6

  • Asset Level

  • Allowance for Bad Loans

  • Low Risk Liabilities

  • Loan Level

  • Low Risk Deposits

  • Level of Bad Loans

Financial Position Analysis

Debt to Equity History and Analysis

Balance Sheet

Financial Institutions Analysis

Asset Level: FUNC's Assets to Equity ratio (13.7x) is moderate.

Allowance for Bad Loans: FUNC has a sufficient allowance for bad loans (619%).

Low Risk Liabilities: 90% of FUNC's liabilities are made up of primarily low risk sources of funding.

Loan Level: FUNC has an appropriate level of Loans to Assets ratio (70%).

Low Risk Deposits: FUNC's Loans to Deposits ratio (84%) is appropriate.

Level of Bad Loans: FUNC has an appropriate level of bad loans (0.2%).

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