Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom

MISX:GAZP Stock Report

Mkt Cap: ₽4.7t

Gazprom Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Alexei Miller (60 yo)



Mr. Alexey Borisovich Miller, also known as Alexei, serves as the Chairman of Gazprom for Russia at GAZPROMAVIA Aviation Company Ltd. Mr. Miller had been the Chief Executive Officer at Public Joint Stock C...

Leadership Team

Alexey Miller
Chairman of Management Committee & Deputy Chairmanno datano data0.0010%
RUB 46.8m
Irina Milyutina
Head of Management Committee Administration & Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee1.58yrsno datano data
Famil Kamil Sadygov
Deputy Chairman of Management Committee3.5yrsno data0.00020%
RUB 9.4m
Mikhail Rosseev
Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee & Chief Accountant2.67yrsno data0.00020%
RUB 9.4m
Ivan Khromushin
Head of Investors Relations Division7.92yrsno datano data
Sergey Kuznets
Head of Department (Legal Support) & Member of Management Committee3.5yrsno data0.0022%
RUB 103.0m
Sergey Khomyakov
Deputy Chairman of Mgmt. Committee & Director General of Corporate Security Service Branch15.67yrsno data0.00020%
RUB 9.4m
Elena Lobatcheva
Deputy Head of Information For Gazprom Stockholdersno datano datano data
Oleg Aksyutin
Deputy CEO & Head of Department 62314yrsno data0.00020%
RUB 9.4m
Elena Kasyanova
Head of Department 7157.75yrsno datano data
Denis Fedorov
Head of Electricity Sector Development & Mktg Office & General Director of Gazprom Energoholing LLC13.58yrsno datano data
Viktor Kovtun
Chief of Representation Office at Beijing13.17yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: GAZP's management team is seasoned and experienced (7.8 years average tenure).

Board Members

Alexey Miller
Chairman of Management Committee & Deputy Chairman20.33yrsno data0.0010%
RUB 46.8m
Vitaly Markelov
Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee & Director10.75yrsno data0.0062%
RUB 290.7m
Mikhail Sereda
Non-Executive Director20.75yrsno data0.00020%
RUB 9.4m
Andrei Akimov
Non-Executive Director11.33yrsno datano data
Timur Kulibaev
Independent Director11.33yrsno datano data
Denis Manturov
Non-Executive Director5.25yrsno datano data
Vladimir Mau
Independent Director11.33yrsno datano data
Viktor Zubkov
Non-Executive Chairman14.33yrsno datano data
Viktor Martynov
Independent Director9.75yrsno datano data
Alexander Novak
Non-Executive Director7.33yrsno datano data
Ilya Karpov
Head of Division- Federal Agency for State Property Management & Chairman of Audit Commission2.33yrsno datano data
Nikolai Shulginov
Director1.33yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: GAZP's board of directors are seasoned and experienced ( 11 years average tenure).