Small Cap Qatari (QE) Energy Stocks by Market Cap

UPDATED Jun 29, 2022

Discover small cap Qatari Energy companies that are on the QE. These Energy Companies are organised by Market Cap.

CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
GISSGulf International Services Q.P.S.Cر.ق2.028.6%35.3%ر.ق3.8bر.ق1.98PE26.2xE-3.6%0%
QFLSQatar Fuel Company Q.P.S.C.(WOQOD)ر.ق17.871.9%0.9%ر.ق17.8bn/aPE18.1xn/a4.3%
QGTSQatar Gas Transport Company Limited (Nakilat) (QPSC)ر.ق3.800%26.7%ر.ق21.1bر.ق3.77PE14.9xE5.3%3.2%
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