Ventia Services Group Limited

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Market Cap: NZ$3.4b

Ventia Services Group Ownership

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Recent Insider Transactions

NZSE:VNT Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
05 Jun 24BuyNZ$1,479,036State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company375,230NZ$3.94
05 Jun 24SellNZ$53,835State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company13,658NZ$3.94
31 May 24BuyNZ$181,688State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company81,599NZ$3.89
28 May 24BuyNZ$36,559BlackRock, Inc.Company9,515NZ$3.84
27 May 24BuyNZ$1,256,828BlackRock, Inc.Company325,439NZ$3.93
20 May 24SellNZ$83,024State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company21,535NZ$3.86
15 May 24BuyNZ$218,207BlackRock, Inc.Company55,531NZ$3.94
14 May 24BuyNZ$140,844State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company35,156NZ$4.01
13 May 24SellNZ$38,632BlackRock, Inc.Company9,776NZ$3.95
10 May 24BuyNZ$58,411State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company14,700NZ$3.97
09 May 24BuyNZ$16,655,125BlackRock, Inc.Company3,917,405NZ$4.27
09 May 24BuyNZ$363,327State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company90,089NZ$4.06
24 Apr 24SellNZ$157,530State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company38,558NZ$4.09
22 Apr 24BuyNZ$1,107,919State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company273,946NZ$4.04
19 Apr 24BuyNZ$2,992,914State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company1,844,964NZ$4.25
17 Apr 24SellNZ$0State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company98,973NZ$4.19
04 Apr 24BuyNZ$1,674,031Northcape Capital Pty LimitedCompany423,291NZ$3.95
04 Apr 24SellNZ$18,487,504Northcape Capital Pty LimitedCompany4,466,983NZ$4.14
26 Mar 24BuyNZ$5,710,599Aware Super Pty LtdCompany1,414,377NZ$4.04
20 Mar 24SellNZ$36,568,037Aware Super Pty LtdCompany8,801,656NZ$4.20
15 Mar 24BuyNZ$6,143,797State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company1,479,391NZ$4.15
13 Mar 24SellNZ$42,206State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company10,248NZ$4.12
12 Mar 24BuyNZ$1,540,569State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company376,599NZ$4.09
12 Mar 24BuyNZ$22,111,797Aware Super Pty LtdCompany5,420,279NZ$4.09
06 Mar 24BuyNZ$555,762State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company11,352,203NZ$4.13
28 Feb 24SellNZ$6,050,198Dean BanksIndividual1,500,000NZ$4.03
27 Feb 24BuyNZ$2,678,268Aware Super Pty LtdCompany668,954NZ$4.01
26 Feb 24SellNZ$1,277,608Aware Super Pty LtdCompany320,872NZ$4.01
21 Feb 24BuyNZ$59,601Aware Super Pty LtdCompany15,492NZ$3.85
20 Feb 24BuyNZ$45,711,285Aware Super Pty LtdCompany14,370,362NZ$3.18
02 Feb 24SellNZ$38,074,626Regal Partners LimitedCompany11,948,460NZ$3.19
24 Jan 24BuyNZ$0The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company7,331,402NZ$3.42
17 Jan 24SellNZ$52,694The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company78,304NZ$3.42
16 Jan 24BuyNZ$33,996,499Regal Partners LimitedCompany11,156,895NZ$3.05
21 Dec 23SellNZ$1,566,086BlackRock, Inc.Company472,431NZ$3.32
19 Dec 23SellNZ$751,163BlackRock, Inc.Company230,791NZ$3.29
18 Dec 23BuyNZ$39,160BlackRock, Inc.Company12,138NZ$3.23
15 Dec 23BuyNZ$581,314BlackRock, Inc.Company2,704,868NZ$3.30
04 Dec 23BuyNZ$1,802,673Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany556,448NZ$3.24
04 Dec 23SellNZ$7,463,838Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany2,343,954NZ$3.18
30 Nov 23BuyNZ$2,123,876First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM LtdCompany679,391NZ$3.13
30 Nov 23BuyNZ$4,774,816IOOF Investment Management LimitedCompany1,572,513NZ$3.04
30 Nov 23BuyNZ$636,243Antares Capital Partners LimitedCompany212,283NZ$3.00
28 Nov 23SellNZ$177,733MLC Investments LimitedCompany59,755NZ$2.98
27 Nov 23SellNZ$83,998State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company27,004NZ$3.11
24 Nov 23SellNZ$33,503BlackRock, Inc.Company633,331NZ$3.11
23 Nov 23BuyNZ$198,636BlackRock, Inc.Company4,605,994NZ$3.09
23 Nov 23BuyNZ$1,762,926Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany581,469NZ$3.03
23 Nov 23BuyNZ$167,289State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company54,647NZ$3.06
23 Nov 23SellNZ$29,372,548Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany9,747,840NZ$3.01
22 Nov 23BuyNZ$244,410State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company3,591,095NZ$3.10
22 Nov 23SellNZ$273,816IOOF Investment Management LimitedCompany106,216NZ$2.58
21 Nov 23BuyNZ$23,026,143MLC Investments LimitedCompany7,590,340NZ$3.06
21 Nov 23SellNZ$13,942,071UBS Asset Management AGCompany4,543,567NZ$3.07
16 Nov 23BuyNZ$59,391,981Northcape Capital Pty LimitedCompany20,177,520NZ$2.94
16 Nov 23SellNZ$2,386,604Northcape Capital Pty LimitedCompany801,919NZ$2.98
13 Nov 23BuyNZ$510,473,433UBS Asset Management AGCompany158,790,042NZ$3.21
13 Nov 23SellNZ$497,055,920UBS Asset Management AGCompany152,475,798NZ$3.26
10 Nov 23BuyNZ$5,236,147Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany1,774,949NZ$2.95
10 Nov 23SellNZ$25,455,294Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany8,620,960NZ$2.95
08 Nov 23BuyNZ$7,494,756Regal Partners LimitedCompany2,510,531NZ$3.03
08 Nov 23BuyNZ$59,731,133BlackRock, Inc.Company18,992,789NZ$3.21
07 Nov 23BuyNZ$206,075JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany69,114NZ$3.00
07 Nov 23SellNZ$2,090,587JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany702,355NZ$2.99
03 Nov 23BuyNZ$32,427,227First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM LtdCompany10,143,723NZ$3.20
02 Nov 23BuyNZ$7,722,749JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany2,579,972NZ$3.11
02 Nov 23SellNZ$14,223,138JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany4,748,740NZ$3.11
31 Oct 23BuyNZ$539,901JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany1,682,577NZ$3.09
13 Oct 23SellNZ$1,700,924Antares Capital Partners LimitedCompany553,667NZ$3.07
10 Oct 23SellNZ$41,156JP Morgan Asset ManagementCompany14,165NZ$2.91
28 Sep 23SellNZ$28,311,735Regal Partners LimitedCompany9,682,775NZ$3.06
26 Sep 23BuyNZ$4,535State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company1,500NZ$3.02
22 Sep 23BuyNZ$2,382,391State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company796,166NZ$2.99
22 Sep 23BuyNZ$20,610,265Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany7,090,834NZ$2.91
22 Sep 23SellNZ$50,670,654Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage InvestmentsCompany17,426,059NZ$2.91
21 Sep 23BuyNZ$4,598,749State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company1,551,071NZ$2.96
21 Sep 23BuyNZ$8,025,430IOOF Investment Management LimitedCompany2,683,651NZ$3.18
19 Sep 23BuyNZ$19,798,766MLC Investments LimitedCompany6,743,657NZ$2.94
18 Sep 23SellNZ$1,451,401IOOF Investment Management LimitedCompany635,481NZ$3.28
15 Sep 23BuyNZ$178,290State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company756,825NZ$2.93
15 Sep 23BuyNZ$532,547OnePath Funds Management LimitedCompany180,069NZ$2.96
11 Sep 23BuyNZ$4,485,850Antares Capital Partners LimitedCompany1,544,308NZ$2.90
11 Sep 23BuyNZ$271,346State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company8,350,590NZ$3.35
08 Sep 23SellNZ$2,219,440MLC Investments LimitedCompany714,287NZ$3.11
06 Sep 23BuyNZ$17,950,624JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany6,172,855NZ$3.03
06 Sep 23SellNZ$9,387,592JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany3,196,089NZ$3.01
04 Sep 23BuyNZ$40,351,885Regal Partners LimitedCompany13,939,324NZ$3.19
04 Sep 23BuyNZ$16,618,665First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM LtdCompany5,210,749NZ$3.19
01 Sep 23BuyNZ$19,029,197JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany6,104,158NZ$3.39
01 Sep 23SellNZ$15,183,392JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities InvestmentsCompany4,960,646NZ$3.37
21 Aug 23SellNZ$1,768,409Antares Capital Partners LimitedCompany569,722NZ$3.10
24 Jul 23SellNZ$6,439,233Regal Partners LimitedCompany2,005,549NZ$3.23
21 Jul 23BuyNZ$7,694,978Regal Partners LimitedCompany2,413,202NZ$3.19
21 Jul 23SellNZ$42,500,734Regal Partners LimitedCompany13,822,505NZ$3.07

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: Insufficient data to determine if insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of VNT?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
Private Companies1,224,7050.143%
Public Companies10,450,0001.22%
Employee Share Scheme22,604,3022.64%
Individual Insiders24,546,7892.87%
General Public275,584,57132.2%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 64.18% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Capital Research and Management Company
Aware Super Pty Ltd
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
42,846,863NZ$172.6m24.2%no data
Regal Partners Limited
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
41,573,531NZ$167.5m-5.14%no data
BlackRock, Inc.
40,955,661NZ$165.0m-1.68%no data
Northcape Capital Pty Limited
UBS Asset Management AG
MLC Investments Limited
First Sentier Investors (Australia) IM Ltd
Ventia Services Group Eip Pty Ltd
22,604,302NZ$91.1m-34.4%no data
IOOF Investment Management Limited
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage Investments
14,323,165NZ$57.7m0%no data
Norges Bank Investment Management
13,896,844NZ$56.0m0%no data
JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities Investments
Washington H. Soul Pattinson and Company Limited
10,450,000NZ$42.1m193%no data
Antares Capital Partners Limited
David Moffatt
9,962,179NZ$40.1m0%no data
Dean Banks
7,573,180NZ$30.5m-15.9%no data
Victory Capital Management Inc.
Richard Kelleway
4,273,525NZ$17.2m0%no data
OnePath Funds Management Limited
First Samuel Limited
National Australia Bank Limited, Asset Management Arm
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