Totech Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average board tenure


Katsumi Nagao (69 yo)



Mr. Katsumi Nagao has been the President of Totech Corp. since June 2006. Mr. Nagao served as Assistant Manager of Main Office Airconditioning 1 Department at Totech Corp. since April 1991. He served a...

Board Members

Katsumi Nagao
President and Representative Director16.42yrsno data0.073%
¥ 34.2m
Kiyotaka Kaneko
Director3.58yrsno datano data
Kaoru Koyama
Director4.42yrsno data0.31%
¥ 147.1m
Kazuhiro Kuwano
Director1.42yrsno data0.12%
¥ 58.1m
Seiken Saito
Outside Independent Director6.42yrsno datano data
Takeo Suzuki
External Auditor28.42yrsno datano data
Tomoyuki Kusano
Chairman64.83yrsno data2.86%
¥ 1.3b
Masaru Ichikawa
Standing Corporate Auditor7.42yrsno datano data
Daichi Kamio
Independent External Director7.42yrsno data0.037%
¥ 17.1m
Kazuhito Arata
External Auditor7.42yrsno datano data
Atsuko Usami
Outside Independent Director1.42yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: 9960's board of directors are considered experienced (7.4 years average tenure).