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Recent Insider Transactions

LSE:MNDI Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
17 Apr 24BuyUK£250,407BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany18,365UK£13.64
17 Apr 24BuyUK£301,648Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany22,108UK£13.64
17 Apr 24BuyUK£1,161Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company85UK£13.65
17 Apr 24BuyUK£1,655,005Ninety One UK LimitedCompany120,237UK£13.76
17 Apr 24BuyUK£15,375The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,128UK£13.63
17 Apr 24BuyUK£5,441,250Invesco Ltd.Company400,092UK£13.60
17 Apr 24BuyUK£9,544,500Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany700,000UK£13.64
17 Apr 24SellUK£5,897,373Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany432,671UK£13.63
17 Apr 24SellUK£1,515,939BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany111,180UK£13.64
17 Apr 24SellUK£184,089Invesco Ltd.Company13,506UK£13.64
17 Apr 24SellUK£9,544,500Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany700,000UK£13.64
16 Apr 24BuyUK£432,070BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany31,389UK£13.77
16 Apr 24BuyUK£10,540Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany763UK£13.81
16 Apr 24BuyUK£453,567Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany32,434UK£13.98
16 Apr 24BuyUK£50,282Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,635UK£13.83
16 Apr 24SellUK£511,301Janus Henderson Group plcCompany37,145UK£13.77
16 Apr 24SellUK£9,780,267BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany710,517UK£13.77
16 Apr 24SellUK£70,105Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,961UK£14.13
16 Apr 24SellUK£141,054Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany10,185UK£13.85
16 Apr 24SellUK£64,269Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company4,669UK£13.77
15 Apr 24BuyUK£10,867,974BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany774,348UK£14.04
15 Apr 24BuyUK£1,548,391Invesco Ltd.Company109,777UK£14.11
15 Apr 24BuyUK£128,953Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company9,111UK£14.15
15 Apr 24BuyUK£1,573Ninety One UK LimitedCompany459,342UK£14.18
15 Apr 24SellUK£7,684,205BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany547,503UK£14.04
15 Apr 24SellUK£23,789Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,687UK£14.10
15 Apr 24SellUK£4,937Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany349UK£14.15
15 Apr 24SellUK£25,198Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,783UK£14.13
15 Apr 24SellUK£282,920Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany20,000UK£14.15
12 Apr 24BuyUK£22,267Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,583UK£14.07
12 Apr 24BuyUK£18,399The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,304UK£14.11
12 Apr 24BuyUK£2,880Invesco Ltd.Company205UK£14.05
12 Apr 24BuyUK£1,616,061BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany114,533UK£14.11
12 Apr 24BuyUK£28,512Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company2,028UK£14.06
12 Apr 24BuyUK£789,718Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany56,192UK£14.05
12 Apr 24BuyUK£6,721,660Ninety One UK LimitedCompany479,245UK£14.27
12 Apr 24SellUK£433,414Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany30,826UK£14.06
12 Apr 24SellUK£12,067,247Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany852,632UK£14.15
12 Apr 24SellUK£5,123Invesco Ltd.Company363UK£14.16
12 Apr 24SellUK£852,325Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany60,252UK£14.15
12 Apr 24SellUK£270,713Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany18,958UK£14.28
12 Apr 24SellUK£4,904,199BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany347,569UK£14.11
12 Apr 24SellUK£6,354Ninety One UK LimitedCompany453UK£14.03
11 Apr 24BuyUK£2,932,084BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany206,776UK£14.18
11 Apr 24BuyUK£138,740Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany9,680UK£14.33
11 Apr 24BuyUK£6,055The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company427UK£14.18
11 Apr 24BuyUK£2,482,195Invesco Ltd.Company175,049UK£14.18
11 Apr 24BuyUK£102,323Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany7,216UK£14.18
11 Apr 24SellUK£29,762,289BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany2,098,892UK£14.18
11 Apr 24SellUK£3,727,837Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany260,248UK£14.32
11 Apr 24SellUK£19,675Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany1,378UK£14.28
10 Apr 24BuyUK£125,537BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany8,822UK£14.23
10 Apr 24BuyUK£766,634Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany54,103UK£14.17
10 Apr 24BuyUK£31,192Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany2,192UK£14.23
10 Apr 24BuyUK£4,265,761Ninety One UK LimitedCompany2,249,839UK£14.27
10 Apr 24BuyUK£485,766Invesco Ltd.Company34,233UK£14.19
10 Apr 24BuyUK£263,525The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company18,519UK£14.23
10 Apr 24SellUK£7,917,586BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany556,401UK£14.23
10 Apr 24SellUK£494Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany35UK£14.11
10 Apr 24SellUK£520,493Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany36,571UK£14.23
10 Apr 24SellUK£19,066Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany1,336UK£14.27
10 Apr 24SellUK£1,548Invesco Ltd.Company109UK£14.22
10 Apr 24SellUK£30,580The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,149UK£14.23
09 Apr 24BuyUK£3,155,029BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany221,561UK£14.24
09 Apr 24BuyUK£6,827Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany480UK£14.22
09 Apr 24SellUK£120,028Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany8,461UK£14.19
09 Apr 24SellUK£6,567,246BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany461,183UK£14.24
09 Apr 24SellUK£13,856Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company973UK£14.24
09 Apr 24SellUK£168,947Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany11,908UK£14.19
09 Apr 24SellUK£2,968Invesco Ltd.Company209UK£14.20
08 Apr 24BuyUK£2,029,582Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany145,258UK£13.97
08 Apr 24BuyUK£68,573BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany4,841UK£14.17
08 Apr 24BuyUK£57,707Invesco Ltd.Company4,102UK£14.17
08 Apr 24BuyUK£15,165The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,071UK£14.16
08 Apr 24BuyUK£91,435Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany6,455UK£14.17
08 Apr 24SellUK£2,021,424Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany145,150UK£13.93
08 Apr 24SellUK£2,659Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company189UK£14.07
08 Apr 24SellUK£7,828,217BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany552,645UK£14.17
08 Apr 24SellUK£716Invesco Ltd.Company51UK£14.03
08 Apr 24SellUK£3,206,383Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany229,548UK£13.97
05 Apr 24BuyUK£183,843Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company13,167UK£13.96
05 Apr 24BuyUK£1,402,568Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany100,767UK£13.92
05 Apr 24BuyUK£1,130,268BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany80,820UK£13.99
05 Apr 24BuyUK£35,381The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,529UK£13.99
05 Apr 24BuyUK£97,532Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company6,984UK£13.97
05 Apr 24BuyUK£90,007Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany6,436UK£13.99
05 Apr 24BuyUK£25,834Invesco Ltd.Company1,847UK£13.99
05 Apr 24SellUK£121,368Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany8,746UK£13.88
05 Apr 24SellUK£1,477,264BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany105,632UK£13.99
05 Apr 24SellUK£8,850Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany629UK£14.07
05 Apr 24SellUK£28,063Ninety One UK LimitedCompany2,014UK£13.95
04 Apr 24BuyUK£1,432,816BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany100,867UK£14.20
04 Apr 24BuyUK£7,640Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company570UK£13.40
04 Apr 24BuyUK£160,133Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company11,436UK£14.00
04 Apr 24BuyUK£295,219Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany21,654UK£13.63
04 Apr 24BuyUK£419,667Ninety One UK LimitedCompany31,166UK£13.94
04 Apr 24BuyUK£2,274,354Invesco Ltd.Company163,033UK£14.20
04 Apr 24BuyUK£5,073The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company357UK£14.21
04 Apr 24SellUK£46,640Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,346UK£13.94
04 Apr 24SellUK£476,004Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company35,067UK£13.57
04 Apr 24SellUK£2,512,453BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany176,871UK£14.20
04 Apr 24SellUK£980Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company69UK£14.20
04 Apr 24SellUK£8,303Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany622UK£13.35
04 Apr 24SellUK£46,035Ninety One UK LimitedCompany3,280UK£14.08
03 Apr 24BuyUK£954,816BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany69,517UK£13.74
03 Apr 24BuyUK£263,933Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany19,672UK£13.42
03 Apr 24BuyUK£928,234The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company67,516UK£13.75
03 Apr 24BuyUK£2,139,875Invesco Ltd.Company155,717UK£13.80
03 Apr 24BuyUK£1,450,786Man Group PlcCompany105,481UK£13.75
03 Apr 24SellUK£1,266Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company92UK£13.76
03 Apr 24SellUK£2,985,289BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany217,349UK£13.74
03 Apr 24SellUK£93,132Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany6,938UK£13.42
03 Apr 24SellUK£45,198Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,277UK£13.79
03 Apr 24SellUK£89,828Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany6,545UK£13.73
03 Apr 24SellUK£5,125Ninety One UK LimitedCompany382UK£13.42
02 Apr 24BuyUK£286,029BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany20,840UK£13.73
02 Apr 24BuyUK£243,371Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany17,580UK£13.84
02 Apr 24BuyUK£61,849Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company4,481UK£13.80
02 Apr 24BuyUK£144,087The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company10,502UK£13.72
02 Apr 24BuyUK£72,834Ninety One UK LimitedCompany5,188UK£14.07
02 Apr 24SellUK£3,712,160BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany270,467UK£13.73
02 Apr 24SellUK£260,809Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany18,861UK£13.83
02 Apr 24SellUK£1,029Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company75UK£13.73
02 Apr 24SellUK£12,531Ninety One UK LimitedCompany911UK£13.76
28 Mar 24BuyUK£64,858The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company4,646UK£13.96
28 Mar 24BuyUK£1,831,496BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany131,243UK£13.96
28 Mar 24BuyUK£3,020Invesco Ltd.Company216UK£13.98
28 Mar 24SellUK£4,017,463BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany287,887UK£13.96
28 Mar 24SellUK£6,073Invesco Ltd.Company435UK£13.96
27 Mar 24BuyUK£3,004Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany214UK£14.04
27 Mar 24BuyUK£1,740,741BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany124,472UK£13.98
27 Mar 24BuyUK£141,172Invesco Ltd.Company10,097UK£14.08
27 Mar 24BuyUK£35,873The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,566UK£13.98
27 Mar 24SellUK£107,534Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany7,603UK£14.14
27 Mar 24SellUK£59,018Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,219UK£13.99
27 Mar 24SellUK£8,969,112BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany641,338UK£13.98
26 Mar 24BuyUK£986Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company71UK£13.89
26 Mar 24BuyUK£132,275Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany9,563UK£13.83
26 Mar 24BuyUK£11,204Ninety One UK LimitedCompany613,353UK£13.81
26 Mar 24SellUK£2,634Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company190UK£13.86
26 Mar 24SellUK£53,390Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,871UK£13.79
26 Mar 24SellUK£0Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,449UK£13.78
25 Mar 24BuyUK£6,752Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany495UK£13.64
25 Mar 24BuyUK£159,455The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company11,716UK£13.61
25 Mar 24BuyUK£772Invesco Ltd.Company57UK£13.54
25 Mar 24BuyUK£568,695Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany41,772UK£13.61
25 Mar 24BuyUK£2,740,429Ninety One UK LimitedCompany200,442UK£13.67
25 Mar 24SellUK£18,989Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,399UK£13.57
25 Mar 24SellUK£26,591Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,954UK£13.61
25 Mar 24SellUK£7,919Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany578UK£13.70
25 Mar 24SellUK£23,767Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,750UK£13.59
22 Mar 24BuyUK£11,172Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany822UK£13.59
22 Mar 24BuyUK£13,402Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany986UK£13.59
22 Mar 24BuyUK£1,667,194Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany122,318UK£13.63
22 Mar 24BuyUK£579,319Ninety One UK LimitedCompany42,594UK£13.60
22 Mar 24BuyUK£2,399Invesco Ltd.Company176UK£13.64
22 Mar 24BuyUK£90,926The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company6,671UK£13.63
22 Mar 24SellUK£6,943Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany510UK£13.61
22 Mar 24SellUK£37,638Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,769UK£13.59
22 Mar 24SellUK£122,019Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany8,972UK£13.60
22 Mar 24SellUK£40,029Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany2,939UK£13.62
21 Mar 24BuyUK£6,682,557Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany490,643UK£13.62
21 Mar 24BuyUK£3,470The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company254UK£13.66
21 Mar 24BuyUK£167,513Man Group PlcCompany12,290UK£13.63
21 Mar 24BuyUK£489Invesco Ltd.Company36UK£13.57
21 Mar 24SellUK£29,451The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,156UK£13.66
21 Mar 24SellUK£325,137Invesco Ltd.Company23,785UK£13.67
21 Mar 24SellUK£12,491Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany1,069UK£11.69
20 Mar 24BuyUK£3,024,533Ninety One UK LimitedCompany226,798UK£13.34
20 Mar 24BuyUK£3,126Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany233UK£13.42
20 Mar 24SellUK£144,316Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany10,775UK£13.41
19 Mar 24BuyUK£132,555Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,081UK£13.15
19 Mar 24BuyUK£0Invesco Ltd.Company8,358UK£13.34
19 Mar 24BuyUK£3,388The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company254UK£13.34
19 Mar 24BuyUK£445,909Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany33,439UK£13.33
19 Mar 24BuyUK£22,592Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,706UK£13.24
19 Mar 24SellUK£155,323Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany11,826UK£13.13
19 Mar 24SellUK£352,550Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany26,680UK£13.21
19 Mar 24SellUK£5,334Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company403UK£13.24
19 Mar 24SellUK£973Invesco Ltd.Company73UK£13.33
18 Mar 24BuyUK£12,091The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company916UK£13.20
18 Mar 24BuyUK£78,074Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany5,893UK£13.25
18 Mar 24SellUK£2,023,434Ninety One UK LimitedCompany153,142UK£13.21
18 Mar 24SellUK£60,100Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,512UK£13.32
15 Mar 24BuyUK£600,677Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany44,944UK£13.37
15 Mar 24BuyUK£4,195,352Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany314,922UK£13.32
15 Mar 24BuyUK£40,519Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,042UK£13.32
15 Mar 24BuyUK£614,984The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company46,170UK£13.32
15 Mar 24BuyUK£2,330,426Invesco Ltd.Company174,956UK£13.39
15 Mar 24SellUK£207,922Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany15,563UK£13.36
15 Mar 24SellUK£6,247Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company472UK£13.24
15 Mar 24SellUK£781,715Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany58,703UK£13.32
15 Mar 24SellUK£656,537Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany49,235UK£13.33
15 Mar 24SellUK£15,102,579Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,133,552UK£13.32
15 Mar 24SellUK£1,321,186Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany100,191UK£13.19
15 Mar 24SellUK£152,346Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany11,446UK£13.31
15 Mar 24SellUK£650,948The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company48,870UK£13.32
15 Mar 24SellUK£87,086Invesco Ltd.Company6,538UK£13.32
14 Mar 24BuyUK£1,905,448Invesco Ltd.Company145,289UK£13.25
14 Mar 24BuyUK£9,656The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company736UK£13.12
14 Mar 24BuyUK£3,431,441Man Group PlcCompany260,629UK£13.17
14 Mar 24BuyUK£162,227Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany12,267UK£13.22
14 Mar 24SellUK£107,860Invesco Ltd.Company8,221UK£13.26
14 Mar 24SellUK£19,131,932Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,451,410UK£13.18
14 Mar 24SellUK£1,542,160Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany116,870UK£13.20
13 Mar 24BuyUK£987,500Invesco Ltd.Company74,924UK£13.20
13 Mar 24BuyUK£5,049Ninety One UK LimitedCompany381UK£13.25
13 Mar 24BuyUK£40,963The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company3,108UK£13.18
13 Mar 24BuyUK£1,753,548Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany131,928UK£13.29
13 Mar 24BuyUK£614,673Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany46,443UK£13.23
13 Mar 24SellUK£250,840Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany18,854UK£13.30
13 Mar 24SellUK£28,377Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany2,153UK£13.18
13 Mar 24SellUK£86,580Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany6,529UK£13.26
13 Mar 24SellUK£627,790Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany47,452UK£13.23
12 Mar 24BuyUK£43,379The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company3,264UK£13.29
12 Mar 24BuyUK£312,531Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany23,250UK£13.44
12 Mar 24BuyUK£4,805,849Man Group PlcCompany358,309UK£13.46
12 Mar 24BuyUK£3,902Invesco Ltd.Company289UK£13.50
11 Mar 24BuyUK£1,646The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company122UK£13.49
11 Mar 24BuyUK£2,160,101Man Group PlcCompany160,233UK£13.48
11 Mar 24BuyUK£479,761Invesco Ltd.Company35,666UK£13.49
11 Mar 24BuyUK£1,278,462BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany94,736UK£13.50
11 Mar 24SellUK£2,470,945Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany183,976UK£13.43
11 Mar 24SellUK£16,843Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany1,259UK£13.38
11 Mar 24SellUK£921Invesco Ltd.Company69UK£13.35
11 Mar 24SellUK£1,000,800Ninety One UK LimitedCompany74,950UK£13.37
11 Mar 24SellUK£8,970,734BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany664,745UK£13.50
08 Mar 24BuyUK£39,308The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,916UK£13.48
06 Mar 24BuyUK£870,075Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany62,371UK£13.95
06 Mar 24BuyUK£44,218Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany3,164UK£13.98
06 Mar 24SellUK£891,306Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany63,870UK£13.96
06 Mar 24SellUK£35,050Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,508UK£13.98
04 Mar 24BuyUK£72,296Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany5,233UK£13.82
04 Mar 24SellUK£180,664Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany13,077UK£13.82
01 Mar 24BuyUK£915,562Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany64,704UK£14.15
01 Mar 24SellUK£914,010Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany64,640UK£14.14
22 Feb 24SellUK£7,814Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company554UK£14.10
19 Dec 23BuyUK£38,044Philip YeaIndividual2,272.73UK£16.74
07 Jul 23BuyUK£157Andrew Charles KingIndividual11.82UK£13.25
07 Jul 23BuyUK£157Michael PowellIndividual11.82UK£13.25

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: Insufficient data to determine if insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of MNDI?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
Individual Insiders280,3620.0636%
State or Government362,0930.0821%
Employee Share Scheme447,4420.101%
Private Companies4,244,6720.963%
Sovereign Wealth Funds53,650,99312.2%
General Public57,852,51213.1%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 65.11% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Public Investment Corporation Limited
BlackRock, Inc.
Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.
Coronation Fund Managers Limited
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
Ninety One UK Limited
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
Norges Bank Investment Management
Schroder Investment Management Limited
Legal & General Investment Management Limited
Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities Investments
Jupiter Fund Management Plc
Impax Asset Management Group Plc
Wellington Management Group LLP
Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities Investments
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
abrdn plc
Invesco Ltd.
Ivy Investment Management Company
Pictet Asset Management Limited
Eurizon Capital SGR SpA
Northern Trust Global Investments
Mondrian Investment Partners Limited
Sanlam Investment Management (Pty) Ltd.
UBS Asset Management AG
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