Moury Construct Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average board tenure


Moury Construct has no CEO, or we have no data on them.

Board Members

Gilles-Olivier Moury
Executive Director of Board23.58yrs€1.50kno data
Nathalie Thunus
Non-Independent Executive Director6.5yrs€1.00kno data
Francis Lemmens
Non-Executive Director25.58yrs€2.50kno data
Michel Mikolajczak
Independent Chairman1.67yrs€2.50kno data
Jean-Pierre Barbarin
Independent Non-Executive Director11.42yrs€3.50kno data
Françoise Belfroid
Independent Non-Executive Director5.92yrs€1.50kno data


Average Tenure

Experienced Board: MOUR's board of directors are considered experienced (9 years average tenure).