Emirati (ADX) Energy Stocks - Top Gainers Today

UPDATED Jun 29, 2022

Explore the Emirati (ADX) Top Gainers Today. These Energy Stocks have seen the largest rise in Market Cap from the previous trading day.

CompanyLast Price1D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
ADNOCDRILLADNOC Drilling Company P.J.S.Cد.إ3.412.4%n/aد.إ54.6bد.إ3.72PE22.2xE6.6%n/a
DANADana Gas PJSCد.إ1.011.5%21.0%د.إ7.1bد.إ1.23PE5.6xE-0.6%8.9%
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