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Chinese Retail Strong Past Earnings Growth, P/E Ratio Below 20

UPDATED Jun 30, 2022

A list of companies that grew earnings by 20% and are trading on less than 20 times earnings. All with a debt to equity ratio below 1.

6 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
785Easyhome New Retail GroupCN¥4.452.5%-26.7%CN¥28.8bCN¥6.36PE13xE14.5%3.6%
600704Wuchan Zhongda GroupLtdCN¥5.132.2%-30.9%CN¥26.6bn/aPE6.5xE2.8%3.1%
2818Chengdu Fusen Noble-House IndustrialLtdCN¥12.595.5%2.0%CN¥9.4bCN¥21.35PE9.7xE11.8%6.4%
600278Orient International EnterpriseCN¥7.551.2%-4.7%CN¥6.7bn/aPE16.4xn/a1.7%
603230Inner Mongolia Xinhua Distribution GroupLtdCN¥12.513.0%n/aCN¥4.4bn/aPE18.7xn/a0.5%
2315Focus TechnologyCN¥14.02-1.1%-21.4%CN¥4.3bCN¥22.60PE16.2xE8.2%5.7%
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