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Argentinian Undiscovered Growth Opportunities

UPDATED Jun 30, 2022

The market has not yet priced in the high-growth prospects for these companies, featuring low PEG ratio (less than 0.5), high future growth outlook and good value on the Snowflake.

4 companies
CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv YieldIndustry
LOMALoma Negra Compa├▒├şa Industrial Argentina Sociedad An├│nimaUS$259.108.0%15.1%US$594.8mUS$362.78PE13xE34.3%6.9%Materials
TGSU2Transportadora de Gas del SurAR$260.506.0%69.7%AR$196.1bAR$425.00PE8.5xE30.1%0%Energy
MOLI5Molinos Rio de la PlataAR$115.006.0%n/aAR$25.4bAR$114.09PE8.5xE21.5%5.1%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
MOLIMolinos Rio de la PlataAR$126.0010.0%42.4%AR$25.4bAR$125.00PE8.5xE21.5%5.1%Food, Beverage & Tobacco
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