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Abacus Property Group Balance Sheet Health

Financial Health criteria checks 2/6

Key information


Debt to equity ratio



Interest coverage ratio3.8x
Total liabilitiesAU$2.22b
Total assetsAU$5.73b

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Financial Position Analysis

Short Term Liabilities: ABPP.F's short term assets (A$389.3M) exceed its short term liabilities (A$226.9M).

Long Term Liabilities: ABPP.F's short term assets (A$389.3M) do not cover its long term liabilities (A$2.0B).

Debt to Equity History and Analysis

Debt Level: ABPP.F's net debt to equity ratio (49.4%) is considered high.

Reducing Debt: ABPP.F's debt to equity ratio has increased from 32.2% to 55% over the past 5 years.

Debt Coverage: ABPP.F's debt is not well covered by operating cash flow (9.2%).

Interest Coverage: ABPP.F's interest payments on its debt are well covered by EBIT (3.8x coverage).

Balance Sheet

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