Seagen Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


David Epstein (60 yo)

no data


Mr. David R. Epstein, B.Sc., M.B.A., serves as Chief Executive Officer and Director at Seagen Inc. since November 9, 2022. He serves as Director at Senti Biosciences, Inc. since June 09, 2022. Mr. Epstein...

Leadership Team

Todd Simpson
Chief Financial Officer17.08yrsUS$5.99m0.056%
$ 12.2m
Jean I. Liu
Chief Legal Officer8yrsUS$5.12m0.027%
$ 5.9m
Charles Romp
Executive Vice President of Commercial dataUS$5.29m0.032%
$ 7.0m
Roger Dansey
President of Research & Developmentno dataUS$8.86m0.013%
$ 2.9m
David Epstein
CEO & Directorno datano datano data
Vaughn Himes
Chief Technical Officer6.25yrsUS$3.95m0.086%
$ 18.8m
Peggy Pinkston
Senior Vice President of Investor Relationsno datano datano data
David Caouette
Vice President of Corporate Communicationsno datano datano data
Matt Skelton
Vice President of Marketing7yrsno datano data
Christopher Pawlowicz
Executive Vice President of Human Resourcesno datano datano data
Natasha Hernday
Chief Business Officer0.083yrno datano data
Robert Lechleider
Senior Vice President of Clinical Development6.08yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: SGEN's management team is seasoned and experienced (6.6 years average tenure).

Board Members

David Epstein
CEO & Directorno datano datano data
John Orwin
Independent Director8.83yrsUS$469.00k0.014%
$ 3.1m
David Gryska
Independent Director17.67yrsUS$484.00k0.021%
$ 4.5m
Daniel Welch
Independent Director15.42yrsUS$469.00k0.023%
$ 4.9m
Felix Baker
Lead Independent Director19.33yrsUS$528.50k0.022%
$ 4.9m
Ted Love
Independent Director2.25yrsUS$471.50k0.00097%
$ 211.4k
Nancy Simonian
Independent Director10.67yrsUS$474.00k0.028%
$ 6.0m
Alpna Seth
Independent Director4.67yrsUS$471.50k0.0054%
$ 1.2m
Sandra Swain
Directorno datano datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: SGEN's board of directors are seasoned and experienced ( 10.7 years average tenure).