Gemini Therapeutics, Inc.

NasdaqGM:GMTX Stock Report

Mkt Cap: US$58.5m

This company is no longer active

The company may no longer be operating, as it may be out of business. Find out why through their latest events.

Gemini Therapeutics Financial Health

How is Gemini Therapeutics's financial position?

Financial Health Score


Financial Health Score 6/6

  • Short Term Liabilities

  • Long Term Liabilities

  • Debt Level

  • Reducing Debt

  • Stable Cash Runway

  • Forecast Cash Runway

Financial Position Analysis

Short Term Liabilities: GMTX's short term assets ($104.7M) exceed its short term liabilities ($1.5M).

Long Term Liabilities: GMTX has no long term liabilities.

Debt to Equity History and Analysis

Debt Level: GMTX is debt free.

Reducing Debt: GMTX had no debt 5 years ago.

Balance Sheet

Cash Runway Analysis

For companies that have on average been loss making in the past we assess whether they have at least 1 year of cash runway.

Stable Cash Runway: GMTX has sufficient cash runway for more than a year based on its current free cash flow.

Forecast Cash Runway: GMTX has sufficient cash runway for more than 3 years if free cash flow continues to reduce at historical rates of 20.8% each year

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