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Recent Insider Transactions

OTCPK:MNOD.F Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
03 May 24BuyUS$96,952Philip YeaIndividual5,000US$19.39
19 Apr 24BuyUS$1,415,184Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company83,366US$16.98
19 Apr 24BuyUS$165,490Ninety One UK LimitedCompany8,861US$18.68
19 Apr 24SellUS$84,312Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,990US$16.90
19 Apr 24SellUS$1,437,997Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company84,156US$17.09
19 Apr 24SellUS$1,924Ninety One UK LimitedCompany103US$18.68
18 Apr 24BuyUS$1,595,917Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany93,700US$17.03
18 Apr 24BuyUS$14,844Ninety One UK LimitedCompany873US$17.00
18 Apr 24BuyUS$19,670Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,157US$17.00
18 Apr 24BuyUS$1,213,357BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany70,722US$17.16
18 Apr 24SellUS$27,366Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,609US$17.01
18 Apr 24SellUS$13,998,394Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany823,201US$17.00
18 Apr 24SellUS$350,803BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany20,447US$17.16
18 Apr 24SellUS$58,757Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,441US$17.08
17 Apr 24BuyUS$311,742BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany18,365US$16.97
17 Apr 24BuyUS$375,535Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany22,108US$16.99
17 Apr 24BuyUS$1,445Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company85US$17.00
17 Apr 24BuyUS$2,060,386Ninety One UK LimitedCompany120,237US$17.14
17 Apr 24BuyUS$19,141The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,128US$16.97
17 Apr 24BuyUS$6,774,043Invesco Ltd.Company400,092US$16.93
17 Apr 24BuyUS$11,882,353Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany700,000US$16.97
17 Apr 24BuyUS$3,595Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany213US$16.88
17 Apr 24SellUS$7,341,889Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany432,671US$16.97
17 Apr 24SellUS$1,887,257BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany111,180US$16.97
17 Apr 24SellUS$229,180Invesco Ltd.Company13,506US$16.98
17 Apr 24SellUS$11,882,353Goldman Sachs Group, Investment Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany700,000US$16.97
16 Apr 24BuyUS$537,273BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany31,389US$17.12
16 Apr 24BuyUS$13,107Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany763US$17.18
16 Apr 24BuyUS$564,005Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany32,434US$17.39
16 Apr 24BuyUS$62,525Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,635US$17.20
16 Apr 24SellUS$635,796Janus Henderson Group plcCompany37,145US$17.12
16 Apr 24SellUS$12,161,637BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany710,517US$17.12
16 Apr 24SellUS$87,175Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,961US$17.57
16 Apr 24SellUS$175,399Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany10,185US$17.22
16 Apr 24SellUS$79,917Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company4,669US$17.12
15 Apr 24BuyUS$13,540,454BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany774,348US$17.49
15 Apr 24BuyUS$1,929,147Invesco Ltd.Company109,777US$17.58
15 Apr 24BuyUS$160,664Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company9,111US$17.63
15 Apr 24BuyUS$1,959Ninety One UK LimitedCompany459,342US$17.67
15 Apr 24SellUS$29,639Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,687US$17.57
15 Apr 24SellUS$6,151Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany349US$17.63
15 Apr 24SellUS$31,394Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,783US$17.61
15 Apr 24SellUS$352,491Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany20,000US$17.62
15 Apr 24SellUS$9,573,817BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany547,505US$17.49
12 Apr 24BuyUS$27,718Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,583US$17.51
12 Apr 24BuyUS$22,903The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,304US$17.56
12 Apr 24BuyUS$3,585Invesco Ltd.Company205US$17.49
12 Apr 24BuyUS$2,011,652BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany114,533US$17.56
12 Apr 24BuyUS$35,491Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company2,028US$17.50
12 Apr 24BuyUS$983,031Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany56,192US$17.49
12 Apr 24BuyUS$8,367,038Ninety One UK LimitedCompany479,245US$17.76
12 Apr 24SellUS$539,508Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany30,826US$17.50
12 Apr 24SellUS$15,021,158Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany852,632US$17.62
12 Apr 24SellUS$6,377Invesco Ltd.Company363US$17.63
12 Apr 24SellUS$1,060,963Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany60,252US$17.61
12 Apr 24SellUS$336,980Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany18,958US$17.78
12 Apr 24SellUS$6,104,685BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany347,569US$17.56
12 Apr 24SellUS$7,910Ninety One UK LimitedCompany453US$17.46
11 Apr 24BuyUS$3,668,911BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany206,776US$17.74
11 Apr 24BuyUS$173,606Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany9,680US$17.93
11 Apr 24BuyUS$7,576The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company427US$17.74
11 Apr 24BuyUS$3,105,966Invesco Ltd.Company175,049US$17.74
11 Apr 24BuyUS$128,036Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany7,216US$17.74
11 Apr 24SellUS$37,241,499BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany2,098,892US$17.74
11 Apr 24SellUS$4,664,636Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany260,248US$17.92
11 Apr 24SellUS$24,620Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany1,378US$17.87
10 Apr 24BuyUS$157,538BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany8,822US$17.86
10 Apr 24BuyUS$962,056Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany54,103US$17.78
10 Apr 24BuyUS$39,143Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany2,192US$17.86
10 Apr 24BuyUS$5,353,146Ninety One UK LimitedCompany2,249,839US$17.90
10 Apr 24BuyUS$609,593Invesco Ltd.Company34,233US$17.81
10 Apr 24BuyUS$330,701The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company18,519US$17.86
10 Apr 24SellUS$9,935,857BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany556,401US$17.86
10 Apr 24SellUS$620Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany35US$17.71
10 Apr 24SellUS$653,172Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany36,571US$17.86
10 Apr 24SellUS$23,927Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany1,336US$17.91
10 Apr 24SellUS$1,942Invesco Ltd.Company109US$17.84
10 Apr 24SellUS$38,375The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,149US$17.86
09 Apr 24BuyUS$3,997,300BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany221,561US$18.04
09 Apr 24BuyUS$8,650Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany480US$18.02
09 Apr 24SellUS$152,071Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany8,461US$17.97
09 Apr 24SellUS$8,320,447BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany461,183US$18.04
09 Apr 24SellUS$17,554Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company973US$18.04
09 Apr 24SellUS$214,050Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany11,908US$17.98
09 Apr 24SellUS$3,760Invesco Ltd.Company209US$17.99
08 Apr 24BuyUS$2,567,466Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany145,258US$17.68
08 Apr 24BuyUS$86,746BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany4,841US$17.92
08 Apr 24BuyUS$73,001Invesco Ltd.Company4,102US$17.93
08 Apr 24BuyUS$19,185The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company1,071US$17.91
08 Apr 24BuyUS$115,667Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany6,455US$17.92
08 Apr 24SellUS$2,557,146Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany145,150US$17.62
08 Apr 24SellUS$3,364Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company189US$17.80
08 Apr 24SellUS$9,902,867BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany552,645US$17.92
08 Apr 24SellUS$905Invesco Ltd.Company51US$17.75
08 Apr 24SellUS$4,056,145Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany229,548US$17.67
05 Apr 24BuyUS$232,058Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company13,167US$17.62
05 Apr 24BuyUS$1,770,405Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany100,767US$17.57
05 Apr 24BuyUS$1,426,691BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany80,820US$17.65
05 Apr 24BuyUS$44,660The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,529US$17.66
05 Apr 24BuyUS$123,111Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company6,984US$17.63
05 Apr 24BuyUS$113,613Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany6,436US$17.65
05 Apr 24BuyUS$32,609Invesco Ltd.Company1,847US$17.66
05 Apr 24SellUS$153,197Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany8,746US$17.52
05 Apr 24SellUS$1,864,690BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany105,632US$17.65
05 Apr 24SellUS$11,171Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany629US$17.76
05 Apr 24SellUS$35,423Ninety One UK LimitedCompany2,014US$17.61
04 Apr 24BuyUS$1,814,862BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany100,867US$17.99
04 Apr 24BuyUS$9,677Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company570US$16.98
04 Apr 24BuyUS$202,830Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company11,436US$17.74
04 Apr 24BuyUS$373,936Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany21,654US$17.27
04 Apr 24BuyUS$531,567Ninety One UK LimitedCompany31,166US$17.65
04 Apr 24BuyUS$2,880,789Invesco Ltd.Company163,033US$17.99
04 Apr 24BuyUS$6,426The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company357US$18.00
04 Apr 24SellUS$59,077Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,346US$17.66
04 Apr 24SellUS$602,926Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company35,067US$17.19
04 Apr 24SellUS$3,182,374BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany176,871US$17.99
04 Apr 24SellUS$1,241Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company69US$17.99
04 Apr 24SellUS$10,517Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany622US$16.91
04 Apr 24SellUS$58,310Ninety One UK LimitedCompany3,280US$17.83
03 Apr 24BuyUS$1,206,078BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany69,517US$17.35
03 Apr 24BuyUS$333,387Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany19,672US$16.95
03 Apr 24BuyUS$1,172,501The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company67,516US$17.37
03 Apr 24BuyUS$2,702,989Invesco Ltd.Company155,717US$17.43
03 Apr 24BuyUS$1,832,564Man Group PlcCompany105,481US$17.37
03 Apr 24SellUS$1,600Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company92US$17.39
03 Apr 24SellUS$3,770,875BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany217,349US$17.35
03 Apr 24SellUS$117,640Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany6,938US$16.96
03 Apr 24SellUS$57,092Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,277US$17.42
03 Apr 24SellUS$113,466Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany6,545US$17.35
03 Apr 24SellUS$6,474Ninety One UK LimitedCompany382US$16.95
02 Apr 24BuyUS$359,622BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany20,840US$17.26
02 Apr 24BuyUS$305,988Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany17,580US$17.41
02 Apr 24BuyUS$77,762Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company4,481US$17.35
02 Apr 24BuyUS$181,160The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company10,502US$17.25
02 Apr 24BuyUS$91,574Ninety One UK LimitedCompany5,188US$17.68
02 Apr 24SellUS$4,667,270BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany270,467US$17.26
02 Apr 24SellUS$327,914Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany18,861US$17.39
02 Apr 24SellUS$1,294Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company75US$17.26
02 Apr 24SellUS$15,755Ninety One UK LimitedCompany911US$17.29
28 Mar 24BuyUS$81,988The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company4,646US$17.65
28 Mar 24BuyUS$2,315,214BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany131,243US$17.64
28 Mar 24BuyUS$3,817Invesco Ltd.Company216US$17.67
28 Mar 24SellUS$5,078,518BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany287,887US$17.64
28 Mar 24SellUS$7,676Invesco Ltd.Company435US$17.65
27 Mar 24BuyUS$3,793Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany214US$17.72
27 Mar 24BuyUS$2,197,877BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany124,472US$17.66
27 Mar 24BuyUS$178,246Invesco Ltd.Company10,097US$17.78
27 Mar 24BuyUS$45,293The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,566US$17.65
27 Mar 24SellUS$135,773Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany7,603US$17.86
27 Mar 24SellUS$74,517Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,219US$17.66
27 Mar 24SellUS$11,324,493BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany641,338US$17.66
26 Mar 24BuyUS$1,245Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company71US$17.53
26 Mar 24BuyUS$167,039Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany9,563US$17.47
26 Mar 24BuyUS$14,148Ninety One UK LimitedCompany613,353US$17.44
26 Mar 24SellUS$3,326Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company190US$17.51
26 Mar 24SellUS$67,422Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany3,871US$17.42
26 Mar 24SellUS$0Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,449US$17.41
25 Mar 24BuyUS$8,536Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany495US$17.24
25 Mar 24BuyUS$201,589The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company11,716US$17.21
25 Mar 24BuyUS$976Invesco Ltd.Company57US$17.12
25 Mar 24BuyUS$718,966Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany41,772US$17.21
25 Mar 24BuyUS$3,464,556Ninety One UK LimitedCompany200,442US$17.29
25 Mar 24SellUS$24,007Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,399US$17.16
25 Mar 24SellUS$33,617Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,954US$17.20
25 Mar 24SellUS$10,011Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany578US$17.32
25 Mar 24SellUS$30,047Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,750US$17.18
22 Mar 24BuyUS$14,077Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany822US$17.12
22 Mar 24BuyUS$16,887Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany986US$17.13
22 Mar 24BuyUS$2,100,667Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany122,318US$17.17
22 Mar 24BuyUS$729,943Ninety One UK LimitedCompany42,594US$17.14
22 Mar 24BuyUS$3,022Invesco Ltd.Company176US$17.19
22 Mar 24BuyUS$114,567The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company6,671US$17.17
22 Mar 24SellUS$8,748Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany510US$17.15
22 Mar 24SellUS$47,424Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,769US$17.13
22 Mar 24SellUS$153,744Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany8,972US$17.14
22 Mar 24SellUS$50,437Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany2,939US$17.16
21 Mar 24BuyUS$8,466,114Impax Asset Management Group PlcCompany490,643US$17.26
21 Mar 24BuyUS$4,396The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company254US$17.31
21 Mar 24BuyUS$212,221Man Group PlcCompany12,290US$17.27
21 Mar 24BuyUS$619Invesco Ltd.Company36US$17.19
21 Mar 24SellUS$37,311The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,156US$17.31
21 Mar 24SellUS$411,915Invesco Ltd.Company23,785US$17.32
21 Mar 24SellUS$15,825Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany1,069US$14.80
20 Mar 24BuyUS$3,846,000Ninety One UK LimitedCompany226,798US$16.96
20 Mar 24BuyUS$3,975Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany233US$17.06
20 Mar 24SellUS$183,512Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany10,775US$17.05
19 Mar 24BuyUS$168,629Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,081US$16.73
19 Mar 24BuyUS$0Invesco Ltd.Company8,358US$16.97
19 Mar 24BuyUS$4,311The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company254US$16.97
19 Mar 24BuyUS$567,264Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany33,439US$16.96
19 Mar 24BuyUS$28,741Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,706US$16.85
19 Mar 24SellUS$197,594Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany11,826US$16.71
19 Mar 24SellUS$448,496Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany26,680US$16.81
19 Mar 24SellUS$6,786Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company403US$16.84
19 Mar 24SellUS$1,238Invesco Ltd.Company73US$16.96
18 Mar 24BuyUS$15,382The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company916US$16.79
18 Mar 24BuyUS$99,322Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany5,893US$16.85
18 Mar 24SellUS$2,574,115Ninety One UK LimitedCompany153,142US$16.81
18 Mar 24SellUS$76,456Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,512US$16.95
15 Mar 24BuyUS$765,008Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany44,944US$17.02
15 Mar 24BuyUS$5,343,105Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany314,922US$16.97
15 Mar 24BuyUS$51,605Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company3,042US$16.96
15 Mar 24BuyUS$783,230The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company46,170US$16.96
15 Mar 24BuyUS$2,967,977Invesco Ltd.Company174,956US$17.05
15 Mar 24SellUS$264,804Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany15,563US$17.01
15 Mar 24SellUS$7,956Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company472US$16.86
15 Mar 24SellUS$995,574Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany58,703US$16.96
15 Mar 24SellUS$836,150Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany49,235US$16.98
15 Mar 24SellUS$19,234,299Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,133,552US$16.97
15 Mar 24SellUS$1,682,632Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany100,191US$16.79
15 Mar 24SellUS$194,025Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany11,446US$16.95
15 Mar 24SellUS$829,033The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company48,870US$16.96
15 Mar 24SellUS$110,911Invesco Ltd.Company6,538US$16.96
14 Mar 24BuyUS$2,430,326Invesco Ltd.Company145,289US$16.90
14 Mar 24BuyUS$12,316The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company736US$16.73
14 Mar 24BuyUS$4,376,671Man Group PlcCompany260,629US$16.79
14 Mar 24BuyUS$206,915Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany12,267US$16.87
14 Mar 24SellUS$137,572Invesco Ltd.Company8,221US$16.91
14 Mar 24SellUS$24,402,041Ninety One UK LimitedCompany1,451,410US$16.81
14 Mar 24SellUS$1,966,965Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany116,870US$16.84
13 Mar 24BuyUS$1,263,806Invesco Ltd.Company74,924US$16.89
13 Mar 24BuyUS$6,462Ninety One UK LimitedCompany381US$16.96
13 Mar 24BuyUS$52,425The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company3,108US$16.87
13 Mar 24BuyUS$2,244,196Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany131,928US$17.01
13 Mar 24BuyUS$786,661Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany46,443US$16.94
13 Mar 24SellUS$321,026Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany18,854US$17.03
13 Mar 24SellUS$36,316Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany2,153US$16.87
13 Mar 24SellUS$110,806Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany6,529US$16.97
13 Mar 24SellUS$803,448Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany47,452US$16.93
12 Mar 24BuyUS$55,434The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company3,264US$16.98
12 Mar 24BuyUS$399,386Dimensional Fund Advisors LPCompany23,250US$17.18
12 Mar 24BuyUS$6,141,425Man Group PlcCompany358,309US$17.21
12 Mar 24BuyUS$4,986Invesco Ltd.Company289US$17.25
11 Mar 24BuyUS$2,108The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company122US$17.28
11 Mar 24BuyUS$2,767,232Man Group PlcCompany160,233US$17.27
11 Mar 24BuyUS$614,606Invesco Ltd.Company35,666US$17.28
11 Mar 24BuyUS$1,637,794BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany94,736US$17.29
11 Mar 24SellUS$3,165,443Norges Bank Investment ManagementCompany183,976US$17.21
11 Mar 24SellUS$21,578Jupiter Fund Management PlcCompany1,259US$17.14
11 Mar 24SellUS$1,180Invesco Ltd.Company69US$17.10
11 Mar 24SellUS$1,282,090Ninety One UK LimitedCompany74,950US$17.13
11 Mar 24SellUS$11,492,101BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany664,745US$17.29
08 Mar 24BuyUS$50,532The Vanguard Group, Inc.Company2,916US$17.33
06 Mar 24BuyUS$1,109,125Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany62,371US$17.78
06 Mar 24BuyUS$56,367Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany3,164US$17.82
06 Mar 24SellUS$1,136,189Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany63,870US$17.79
06 Mar 24SellUS$44,680Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,508US$17.82
04 Mar 24BuyUS$91,796Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany5,233US$17.54
04 Mar 24SellUS$229,394Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany13,077US$17.54
01 Mar 24BuyUS$1,156,845Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany64,704US$17.88
01 Mar 24SellUS$1,154,884Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany64,640US$17.87
28 Feb 24BuyUS$54,722Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company3,075US$17.80
28 Feb 24SellUS$18,009Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany1,016US$17.73
28 Feb 24SellUS$14,360Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany806US$17.82
28 Feb 24SellUS$3,850,461Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany216,719US$17.77
28 Feb 24SellUS$25,032Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,403US$17.84
27 Feb 24BuyUS$142,087Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company7,866US$18.06
27 Feb 24BuyUS$772,438Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany43,387US$17.80
27 Feb 24SellUS$88,619Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany5,010US$17.69
27 Feb 24SellUS$545,525Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany31,104US$17.54
26 Feb 24BuyUS$4,269,816Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany237,077US$18.01
26 Feb 24SellUS$13,881Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany771US$18.00
23 Feb 24BuyUS$3,475Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany1,922US$1.81
23 Feb 24BuyUS$2,040,294Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany113,336US$18.00
23 Feb 24SellUS$7,120Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company395US$18.03
23 Feb 24SellUS$18,289Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany1,017US$17.98
23 Feb 24SellUS$18,966Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany10,490US$1.81
23 Feb 24SellUS$514,848Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany28,495US$18.07
22 Feb 24BuyUS$465,934Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany26,487US$17.59
22 Feb 24BuyUS$354Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany20US$17.68
22 Feb 24BuyUS$1,284,235Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany71,706US$17.91
22 Feb 24BuyUS$49,423Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company2,780US$17.78
22 Feb 24SellUS$175,095Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany9,824US$17.82
22 Feb 24SellUS$9,876Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company554US$17.83
22 Feb 24SellUS$501,400Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany28,117US$17.83
22 Feb 24SellUS$61,445Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany3,476US$17.68
22 Feb 24SellUS$736,808Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany41,143US$17.91
21 Feb 24BuyUS$3,100Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company178US$17.41
21 Feb 24BuyUS$28,732Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany1,662US$17.29
21 Feb 24BuyUS$57,851Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company3,321US$17.42
21 Feb 24BuyUS$471,179Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany26,940US$17.49
21 Feb 24BuyUS$2,634,896Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany150,919US$17.46
21 Feb 24SellUS$121,268Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company6,963US$17.42
21 Feb 24SellUS$15,111Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company864US$17.49
21 Feb 24SellUS$36,200Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,094US$17.29
21 Feb 24SellUS$481,205Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany27,563US$17.46
21 Feb 24SellUS$51,277Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany2,954US$17.36
21 Feb 24SellUS$12,229Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany701US$17.45
20 Feb 24BuyUS$35,557Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany2,026US$17.55
20 Feb 24BuyUS$2,739,049Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany156,503US$17.50
20 Feb 24BuyUS$800,902Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany45,693US$17.53
20 Feb 24SellUS$92,402Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany5,265US$17.55
20 Feb 24SellUS$7,685Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany438US$17.55
20 Feb 24SellUS$780,855Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany44,575US$17.52
19 Feb 24BuyUS$5,399Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany311US$17.36
19 Feb 24BuyUS$3,570,037Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany207,411US$17.21
19 Feb 24BuyUS$172,904Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,013US$17.27
19 Feb 24BuyUS$3,671Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany212,527US$0.017
19 Feb 24SellUS$0Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany483US$17.36
19 Feb 24SellUS$44,618Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany2,583US$17.27
19 Feb 24SellUS$84,319Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany4,883US$17.27
19 Feb 24SellUS$7,002Citigroup Inc.,Banking and Securities InvestmentsCompany404,118US$0.017
16 Feb 24BuyUS$2,389,208Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany137,779US$17.34
16 Feb 24BuyUS$142,155Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany8,128US$17.49
16 Feb 24BuyUS$83,996Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,841US$17.35
16 Feb 24BuyUS$151,043Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany8,650US$17.46
16 Feb 24SellUS$52,849Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany3,043US$17.37
16 Feb 24SellUS$35,960Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany2,069US$17.38
16 Feb 24SellUS$9,557Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany552US$17.31
16 Feb 24SellUS$240,683Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany13,923US$17.29
16 Feb 24SellUS$190,419Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany10,905US$17.46
15 Feb 24BuyUS$987,231Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany56,759US$17.39
15 Feb 24BuyUS$5,997,720Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany347,863US$17.24
15 Feb 24BuyUS$4,101,284BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany237,513US$17.27
15 Feb 24SellUS$170,299Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany9,796US$17.38
15 Feb 24SellUS$7,735Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany445US$17.38
15 Feb 24SellUS$747,204BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany43,272US$17.27
14 Feb 24BuyUS$787,036BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany46,365US$16.97
14 Feb 24BuyUS$3,250,446Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany190,641US$17.05
14 Feb 24BuyUS$512Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany30US$17.07
14 Feb 24BuyUS$3,804,096Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany223,258US$17.04
14 Feb 24SellUS$232,911BNP Paribas, Private & Investment Banking InvestmentsCompany13,721US$16.97
14 Feb 24SellUS$24,749Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,458US$16.97
14 Feb 24SellUS$133,912Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany7,828US$17.11
14 Feb 24SellUS$3,141,795Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany183,795US$17.09
14 Feb 24SellUS$213,757Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany12,524US$17.07
14 Feb 24SellUS$1,417Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany83US$17.08
13 Feb 24BuyUS$83,345Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany4,909US$16.98
13 Feb 24BuyUS$10,841,699Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany639,574US$16.95
13 Feb 24SellUS$148,154Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany8,738US$16.96
13 Feb 24SellUS$4,773Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany281US$16.99
12 Feb 24BuyUS$7,198,547Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany422,295US$17.05
12 Feb 24BuyUS$5,109Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company300US$17.03
12 Feb 24SellUS$4,473Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.Company262US$17.07
12 Feb 24SellUS$1,382Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany81US$17.06
09 Feb 24BuyUS$2,478,848Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany146,935US$16.87
09 Feb 24BuyUS$4,057,663Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany238,710US$17.00
09 Feb 24SellUS$291,416Royal Bank of Canada, Banking & Securities InvestmentsCompany17,275US$16.87
09 Feb 24SellUS$129,834Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany7,696US$16.87
09 Feb 24SellUS$4,098,737Bank of America Corporation, Asset Management ArmCompany241,216US$16.99
08 Feb 24BuyUS$434,582Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.Company25,455US$17.07
08 Feb 24BuyUS$11,363,060Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany651,505US$17.44
08 Feb 24BuyUS$501,998Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany28,327US$17.72
08 Feb 24SellUS$15,278Coronation Fund Managers LimitedCompany903US$16.92
08 Feb 24SellUS$501,998Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., Banking InvestmentsCompany28,327US$17.72
19 Dec 23BuyUS$48,529Philip YeaIndividual2,272.73US$21.35
07 Jul 23BuyUS$201Andrew Charles KingIndividual11.82US$17.00
07 Jul 23BuyUS$201Michael PowellIndividual11.82US$17.00

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: MNOD.F insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of MNOD.F?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
State or Government269,4740.0611%
Individual Insiders370,8750.0841%
Employee Share Scheme475,4860.108%
Private Companies3,837,3790.87%
Sovereign Wealth Funds53,650,99312.2%
General Public78,004,90017.7%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 62.47% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Public Investment Corporation Limited
BlackRock, Inc.
Allan Gray Proprietary Ltd.
Ninety One UK Limited
Coronation Fund Managers Limited
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
Legal & General Investment Management Limited
Macquarie Group, Ltd., Banking & Securities Investments
Schroder Investment Management Limited
JPMorgan Chase & Co, Brokerage and Securities Investments
Impax Asset Management Group Plc
Mondrian Investment Partners Limited
Jupiter Fund Management Plc
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Norges Bank Investment Management
Invesco Ltd.
Ivy Investment Management Company
UBS Asset Management AG
Seafarer Capital Partners, LLC
Eurizon Capital SGR SpA
Wellington Management Group LLP
Pictet Asset Management Limited
Northern Trust Global Investments
Man Group Plc
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