VOXX International Ownership

Who are the major shareholders and have insiders been buying or selling?

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: VOXX insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Recent Insider Transactions

NasdaqGS:VOXX Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
31 Aug 22BuyUS$132,439Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany13,839US$9.57
30 Aug 22BuyUS$96,800Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.68
29 Aug 22BuyUS$98,100Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.81
26 Aug 22BuyUS$102,100Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$10.21
25 Aug 22BuyUS$100,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$10.06
24 Aug 22BuyUS$98,500Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.85
23 Aug 22BuyUS$99,300Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.93
22 Aug 22BuyUS$97,400Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.74
19 Aug 22BuyUS$100,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$10.02
18 Aug 22BuyUS$100,300Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$10.03
17 Aug 22BuyUS$98,900Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.89
16 Aug 22BuyUS$100,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$10.02
15 Aug 22BuyUS$97,100Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.71
12 Aug 22BuyUS$95,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.56
11 Aug 22BuyUS$94,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.46
10 Aug 22BuyUS$93,000Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.30
09 Aug 22BuyUS$91,500Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.15
08 Aug 22BuyUS$90,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.06
05 Aug 22BuyUS$90,900Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.09
04 Aug 22BuyUS$92,300Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.23
03 Aug 22BuyUS$90,700Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.07
02 Aug 22BuyUS$82,535Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany9,130US$9.04
01 Aug 22BuyUS$105,765Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,870US$9.73
29 Jul 22BuyUS$95,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.52
28 Jul 22BuyUS$95,100Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.51
27 Jul 22BuyUS$89,500Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.95
26 Jul 22BuyUS$88,800Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.88
25 Jul 22BuyUS$83,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.32
22 Jul 22BuyUS$80,400Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.04
22 Jul 22BuyUS$81,204Patrick LavelleIndividual10,000US$8.23
21 Jul 22BuyUS$82,500Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.25
20 Jul 22BuyUS$133,282Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,534US$8.58
19 Jul 22BuyUS$233,076Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany29,466US$7.91
18 Jul 22BuyUS$257,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany35,000US$7.36
15 Jul 22BuyUS$352,500Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany50,000US$7.05
14 Jul 22BuyUS$263,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany40,000US$6.59
14 Jul 22BuyUS$95,967Patrick LavelleIndividual15,200US$6.31
30 Jun 22BuyUS$93,300Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$9.33
29 Jun 22BuyUS$47,450Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$9.49
28 Jun 22BuyUS$47,450Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$9.49
27 Jun 22BuyUS$46,150Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$9.23
24 Jun 22BuyUS$43,650Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.73
23 Jun 22BuyUS$44,800Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.96
23 Jun 22BuyUS$8,250Patrick LavelleIndividual1,000US$8.25
22 Jun 22BuyUS$42,100Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.42
21 Jun 22BuyUS$41,150Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.23
17 Jun 22BuyUS$41,250Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.25
16 Jun 22BuyUS$41,000Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.20
16 Jun 22BuyUS$23,700Patrick LavelleIndividual3,000US$8.00
15 Jun 22BuyUS$41,950Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.39
14 Jun 22BuyUS$43,000Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.60
14 Jun 22BuyUS$16,470Patrick LavelleIndividual2,000US$8.36
13 Jun 22BuyUS$43,650Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.73
10 Jun 22BuyUS$184,630Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany20,606US$8.96
09 Jun 22BuyUS$39,546Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany4,394US$9.00
08 Jun 22BuyUS$61,793Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany6,783US$9.11
08 Jun 22BuyUS$9,000Patrick LavelleIndividual1,000US$9.00
07 Jun 22BuyUS$69,219Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany8,217US$8.43
03 Jun 22BuyUS$41,050Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany5,000US$8.21
02 Jun 22BuyUS$82,392Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany9,999US$8.24
01 Jun 22BuyUS$33,135Patrick LavelleIndividual4,000US$8.42
01 Jun 22BuyUS$82,800Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.28
31 May 22BuyUS$83,600Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$8.36
27 May 22BuyUS$72,740Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany8,701US$8.36
26 May 22BuyUS$59,773Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany7,481US$7.99
26 May 22BuyUS$15,990Patrick LavelleIndividual2,000US$8.13
25 May 22BuyUS$143,965Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany18,819US$7.65
24 May 22BuyUS$149,274Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany20,145US$7.41
24 May 22BuyUS$14,880Patrick LavelleIndividual2,000US$7.55
23 May 22BuyUS$148,714Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany19,855US$7.49
20 May 22BuyUS$145,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany20,000US$7.26
20 May 22BuyUS$14,325Patrick LavelleIndividual2,000US$7.20
19 May 22BuyUS$144,400Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany20,000US$7.31
11 Feb 22BuyUS$126,900Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$12.69
11 Feb 22BuyUS$191,350Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,000US$12.92
10 Feb 22BuyUS$195,900Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,000US$13.06
10 Feb 22BuyUS$132,692Beat KahliIndividual10,168US$13.05
09 Feb 22BuyUS$159,764Beat KahliIndividual12,404US$12.88
09 Feb 22BuyUS$196,237Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,249US$13.00
08 Feb 22BuyUS$86,685Beat KahliIndividual7,428US$11.67
08 Feb 22BuyUS$173,177Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany14,751US$11.74
07 Feb 22BuyUS$113,500Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$11.35
07 Feb 22BuyUS$171,750Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,000US$11.45
04 Feb 22BuyUS$105,000Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.50
04 Feb 22BuyUS$274,250Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany25,000US$10.97
03 Feb 22BuyUS$105,000Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.50
02 Feb 22BuyUS$106,200Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.62
01 Feb 22BuyUS$118,418Beat KahliIndividual10,874US$10.89
31 Jan 22BuyUS$97,192Beat KahliIndividual9,126US$10.65
28 Jan 22BuyUS$100,900Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.09
27 Jan 22BuyUS$101,400Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.14
26 Jan 22BuyUS$105,000Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.50
25 Jan 22BuyUS$104,300Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.43
25 Jan 22BuyUS$105,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany10,000US$10.52
24 Jan 22BuyUS$100,400Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.04
24 Jan 22BuyUS$152,250Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,000US$10.15
21 Jan 22BuyUS$100,200Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.02
21 Jan 22BuyUS$249,000Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany25,000US$9.96
20 Jan 22BuyUS$100,300Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.03
19 Jan 22BuyUS$101,200Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.12
18 Jan 22BuyUS$136,584Beat KahliIndividual12,861US$10.62
18 Jan 22BuyUS$77,387Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany7,139US$10.84
15 Jan 22SellUS$10,499Peter LesserIndividual1,000US$10.50
14 Jan 22BuyUS$333,281Beat KahliIndividual32,139US$10.37
12 Nov 21BuyUS$100,868Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany7,771US$12.98
11 Nov 21BuyUS$258,200Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany20,000US$12.91
10 Nov 21BuyUS$127,300Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$12.73
09 Nov 21BuyUS$154,768Beat KahliIndividual12,254US$12.63
08 Nov 21BuyUS$96,438Beat KahliIndividual7,746US$12.45
02 Nov 21BuyUS$118,700Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$11.87
29 Oct 21BuyUS$171,450Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,000US$11.43
21 Oct 21BuyUS$109,500Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$10.95
20 Oct 21BuyUS$112,100Beat KahliIndividual10,000US$11.21
18 Oct 21BuyUS$157,800Avalon Park Group Holding AGCompany15,000US$10.52

Ownership Breakdown

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 68.87% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
Avalon Park Group Holding AG
5,083,839$34.4m10.28%no data
Kahn Brothers Advisors LLC
John Shalam
2,224,222$15.1m-46.24%no data
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
1,402,911$9.5m2.16%no data
Renaissance Technologies LLC
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
672,860$4.6m-20.98%no data
Beat Kahli
650,000$4.4m0%no data
Patrick Lavelle
543,840$3.7m16.57%no data
BlackRock, Inc.
272,285$1.8m-73.47%no data
Millennium Management LLC
251,776$1.7m0%no data
Jacobs Levy Equity Management Inc
Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage Investments
213,024$1.4m-0.73%no data
Essex Investment Management Company, LLC
Moors & Cabot, Inc., Asset Management Arm
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC
Geode Capital Management, LLC
157,859$1.1m-44.6%no data
Two Sigma Advisers, LP
154,886$1.0m2.38%no data
Ancora Advisors LLC
129,329$875.6k15.15%no data
Marshall Wace LLP
108,646$735.5k0%no data
Raffles Associates LP
Two Sigma Investments, LP
77,780$526.6k37.94%no data
Pinz Capital Management, LP
Eaton Vance Management
68,767$465.6k40.04%no data
State of Wisconsin Investment Board
64,000$433.3k86.59%no data
AMH Equity, Ltd.