Quanex Building Products Corporation

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Market Cap: US$916.9m

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Recent Insider Transactions

NYSE:NX Recent Insider Transactions by Companies or Individuals
DateValueNameEntityRoleSharesMax Price
11 Jul 24BuyUS$58,422American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,126US$27.48
11 Jul 24BuyUS$21,332UBS Asset Management AGCompany776US$27.49
11 Jul 24BuyUS$6,403BNY Asset ManagementCompany233US$27.48
11 Jul 24BuyUS$735,522Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany26,756US$27.49
11 Jul 24SellUS$387,240Maven Securities Ltd.Company14,000US$27.66
11 Jul 24SellUS$21,332UBS Asset Management AGCompany776US$27.49
11 Jul 24SellUS$413Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLCCompany15US$27.50
11 Jul 24SellUS$3,105Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company113US$27.48
11 Jul 24SellUS$5,942,182FMR LLCCompany1,281,492US$4.64
11 Jul 24SellUS$55FMR LLCCompany2US$27.65
11 Jul 24SellUS$608,414Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany22,036US$27.61
11 Jul 24SellUS$605BlackRock, Inc.Company22US$27.48
10 Jul 24BuyUS$31,094American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,185US$26.24
10 Jul 24BuyUS$18,378Systematic Financial Management LPCompany700US$26.26
10 Jul 24BuyUS$447FMR LLCCompany17US$26.29
10 Jul 24BuyUS$5,852BlackRock, Inc.Company223US$26.24
10 Jul 24SellUS$26FMR LLCCompany1US$26.36
10 Jul 24SellUS$603Franklin Resources, Inc.Company23US$26.22
10 Jul 24SellUS$18,919BlackRock, Inc.Company721US$26.24
09 Jul 24BuyUS$186,890American Century Investment Management IncCompany7,098US$26.33
09 Jul 24BuyUS$186,890American Century Investment Management IncCompany7,098US$26.33
09 Jul 24BuyUS$3,380Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLCCompany128US$26.41
09 Jul 24BuyUS$159FMR LLCCompany6US$26.45
09 Jul 24BuyUS$53,371BlackRock, Inc.Company2,027US$26.33
09 Jul 24BuyUS$619,779Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany23,384US$26.50
09 Jul 24SellUS$1,984BNY Asset ManagementCompany75US$26.45
09 Jul 24SellUS$4,509BlackRock, Inc.Company171US$26.37
09 Jul 24SellUS$663,102Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany24,940US$26.59
08 Jul 24BuyUS$12,552American Century Investment Management IncCompany468US$26.82
08 Jul 24BuyUS$1,287BlackRock, Inc.Company48US$26.82
08 Jul 24BuyUS$28,196Systematic Financial Management LPCompany1,050US$26.86
08 Jul 24BuyUS$503,749Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany18,493US$27.24
08 Jul 24SellUS$1,024Franklin Resources, Inc.Company38US$26.95
08 Jul 24SellUS$135Janus Henderson Group plcCompany5US$26.92
08 Jul 24SellUS$6,920State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company258US$26.82
08 Jul 24SellUS$15,198FMR LLCCompany566US$26.86
08 Jul 24SellUS$478,367Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany17,692US$27.04
05 Jul 24BuyUS$1,015Janus Henderson Group plcCompany38US$26.72
05 Jul 24BuyUS$1,308American Century Investment Management IncCompany49US$26.70
05 Jul 24BuyUS$402BNY Asset ManagementCompany15US$26.80
05 Jul 24BuyUS$486,576Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany18,122US$26.85
05 Jul 24SellUS$5,874Man Group PlcCompany220US$26.70
05 Jul 24SellUS$356,739Invesco Ltd.Company13,361US$26.70
05 Jul 24SellUS$831Franklin Resources, Inc.Company31US$26.80
05 Jul 24SellUS$428,290Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany15,975US$26.81
03 Jul 24BuyUS$421,431Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany15,532US$27.13
03 Jul 24BuyUS$281,932BlackRock, Inc.Company10,470US$27.32
03 Jul 24BuyUS$63,185American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,348US$26.91
03 Jul 24SellUS$438,967Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany16,009US$27.42
03 Jul 24SellUS$22,362BlackRock, Inc.Company831US$26.91
03 Jul 24SellUS$118,373Maven Securities Ltd.Company4,336US$27.30
03 Jul 24SellUS$85,441Man Group PlcCompany3,159US$27.05
02 Jul 24BuyUS$20,604American Century Investment Management IncCompany760US$27.11
02 Jul 24BuyUS$10,729State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company400US$26.82
02 Jul 24BuyUS$33,671Geode Capital Management, LLCCompany1,242US$27.11
02 Jul 24BuyUS$54FMR LLCCompany2US$26.89
02 Jul 24BuyUS$36,246Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,337US$27.11
02 Jul 24BuyUS$183,971Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLCCompany6,834US$26.92
02 Jul 24BuyUS$3,904BNY Asset ManagementCompany144US$27.11
02 Jul 24BuyUS$878,560Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany32,300US$27.20
02 Jul 24BuyUS$30,890Systematic Financial Management LPCompany1,150US$26.86
02 Jul 24SellUS$27FMR LLCCompany1US$26.75
02 Jul 24SellUS$271Franklin Resources, Inc.Company10US$27.06
02 Jul 24SellUS$271,900Maven Securities Ltd.Company10,000US$27.19
02 Jul 24SellUS$255,552BlackRock, Inc.Company9,422US$27.12
02 Jul 24SellUS$1,998Man Group PlcCompany74US$27.00
01 Jul 24BuyUS$2,613Geode Capital Management, LLCCompany98US$26.66
01 Jul 24BuyUS$69,049American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,590US$26.66
01 Jul 24BuyUS$2,506BlackRock, Inc.Company94US$26.66
01 Jul 24BuyUS$1,155,943Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany42,639US$27.11
01 Jul 24BuyUS$352FMR LLCCompany13US$27.04
01 Jul 24BuyUS$17,922BNY Asset ManagementCompany664US$27.26
01 Jul 24BuyUS$2,506State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company94US$26.66
01 Jul 24SellUS$37,438BlackRock, Inc.Company1,386US$27.01
01 Jul 24SellUS$1,255,676Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany46,521US$26.99
01 Jul 24SellUS$429FMR LLCCompany16US$26.85
01 Jul 24SellUS$135,966State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company5,100US$26.66
28 Jun 24BuyUS$82,618State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company2,988US$27.65
28 Jun 24BuyUS$80,876American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,925US$27.65
28 Jun 24BuyUS$63,096BNY Asset ManagementCompany2,282US$27.65
28 Jun 24BuyUS$13,050Geode Capital Management, LLCCompany472US$27.65
28 Jun 24BuyUS$1,585Franklin Resources, Inc.Company57US$28.10
28 Jun 24BuyUS$2,095,428BlackRock, Inc.Company75,784US$27.65
28 Jun 24BuyUS$4,396Legal & General Investment Management LimitedCompany159US$27.65
28 Jun 24SellUS$14,848Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLCCompany537US$27.65
28 Jun 24SellUS$217,827State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company7,878US$27.65
28 Jun 24SellUS$2,211,824Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany77,840US$28.42
28 Jun 24SellUS$45,678Geode Capital Management, LLCCompany1,652US$27.65
28 Jun 24SellUS$10,375FMR LLCCompany377US$27.52
28 Jun 24SellUS$5,414Franklin Resources, Inc.Company195US$27.78
28 Jun 24SellUS$36,000BlackRock, Inc.Company1,302US$27.65
28 Jun 24SellUS$25,466Legal & General Investment Management LimitedCompany921US$27.65
27 Jun 24BuyUS$436,661Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany15,471US$28.22
27 Jun 24BuyUS$31,127American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,103US$28.22
27 Jun 24BuyUS$2,963BlackRock, Inc.Company105US$28.22
27 Jun 24BuyUS$11,524UBS Asset Management AGCompany411US$28.04
27 Jun 24BuyUS$141Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLCCompany5US$28.13
27 Jun 24BuyUS$56BNY Asset ManagementCompany2US$28.24
27 Jun 24BuyUS$464,274Franklin Resources, Inc.Company16,487US$28.16
27 Jun 24SellUS$1,834Janus Henderson Group plcCompany65US$28.22
27 Jun 24SellUS$438,761Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany15,511US$28.29
27 Jun 24SellUS$11,524UBS Asset Management AGCompany411US$28.04
27 Jun 24SellUS$757Franklin Resources, Inc.Company27US$28.04
27 Jun 24SellUS$74,716Man Group PlcCompany2,653US$28.22
27 Jun 24SellUS$1,355State Street Global Advisors, Inc.Company48US$28.22
26 Jun 24BuyUS$553Systematic Financial Management LPCompany20US$27.67
26 Jun 24BuyUS$4,289American Century Investment Management IncCompany152US$28.22
26 Jun 24SellUS$140Systematic Financial Management LPCompany5US$27.96
26 Jun 24SellUS$3,838American Century Investment Management IncCompany136US$28.22
26 Jun 24SellUS$18,625Man Group PlcCompany660US$28.22
25 Jun 24SellUS$22,221Man Group PlcCompany799US$27.81
24 Jun 24BuyUS$82,795American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,886US$28.70
24 Jun 24BuyUS$718,031Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany25,103US$28.91
24 Jun 24SellUS$21,525Man Group PlcCompany755US$28.51
24 Jun 24SellUS$752,993Barclays PLC Private Banking & Investment Banking InvestmentCompany26,328US$28.88
21 Jun 24BuyUS$4,612,291Invesco Ltd.Company160,707US$28.70
21 Jun 24SellUS$790,341Invesco Ltd.Company27,538US$28.70
20 Jun 24BuyUS$2,655Invesco Ltd.Company92US$28.86
20 Jun 24BuyUS$14,863American Century Investment Management IncCompany515US$28.86
20 Jun 24SellUS$124,560Invesco Ltd.Company4,316US$28.86
20 Jun 24SellUS$289American Century Investment Management IncCompany10US$28.86
18 Jun 24BuyUS$34,727Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,180US$29.43
18 Jun 24BuyUS$10,006American Century Investment Management IncCompany340US$29.43
18 Jun 24BuyUS$11,743Systematic Financial Management LPCompany400US$29.36
17 Jun 24BuyUS$21,323American Century Investment Management IncCompany726US$29.37
17 Jun 24SellUS$4,369Janus Henderson Group plcCompany150US$29.16
14 Jun 24BuyUS$38,973Janus Henderson Group plcCompany1,357US$28.72
14 Jun 24BuyUS$75,485Systematic Financial Management LPCompany2,650US$28.48
14 Jun 24BuyUS$42,448American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,478US$28.72
14 Jun 24BuyUS$2,412Invesco Ltd.Company84US$28.72
14 Jun 24SellUS$8,243Janus Henderson Group plcCompany287US$28.72
14 Jun 24SellUS$565Systematic Financial Management LPCompany20US$28.27
14 Jun 24SellUS$2,929Invesco Ltd.Company102US$28.72
13 Jun 24BuyUS$19,430American Century Investment Management IncCompany667US$29.13
13 Jun 24BuyUS$137,092Systematic Financial Management LPCompany4,700US$29.17
13 Jun 24BuyUS$5,855Invesco Ltd.Company201US$29.13
13 Jun 24SellUS$29,217Invesco Ltd.Company1,003US$29.13
12 Jun 24BuyUS$11,200American Century Investment Management IncCompany378US$29.63
12 Jun 24SellUS$54,798Man Group PlcCompany1,843US$29.73
12 Jun 24SellUS$296American Century Investment Management IncCompany10US$29.63
12 Jun 24SellUS$5,926Invesco Ltd.Company200US$29.63
11 Jun 24BuyUS$296American Century Investment Management IncCompany10US$29.55
11 Jun 24BuyUS$4,905Invesco Ltd.Company166US$29.55
11 Jun 24SellUS$1,300Invesco Ltd.Company44US$29.55
10 Jun 24BuyUS$45,859American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,518US$30.21
10 Jun 24SellUS$2,761Man Group PlcCompany91US$30.34
07 Jun 24SellUS$8,915Systematic Financial Management LPCompany280US$31.84
07 Jun 24SellUS$66,516Invesco Ltd.Company2,183US$30.47
07 Jun 24SellUS$30,951Man Group PlcCompany977US$31.68
06 Jun 24BuyUS$71,963Franklin Resources, Inc.Company2,335US$30.82
06 Jun 24BuyUS$19,562American Century Investment Management IncCompany642US$30.47
06 Jun 24BuyUS$34,118Invesco Ltd.Company1,107US$30.82
06 Jun 24SellUS$213Franklin Resources, Inc.Company7US$30.49
06 Jun 24SellUS$18,486Man Group PlcCompany605US$30.56
06 Jun 24SellUS$1,079Invesco Ltd.Company35US$30.82
05 Jun 24BuyUS$22,807American Century Investment Management IncCompany740US$30.82
05 Jun 24BuyUS$50,825Allspring Global Investments, LLCCompany1,647US$30.86
05 Jun 24SellUS$37,446Man Group PlcCompany1,215US$30.82
05 Jun 24SellUS$563,323Invesco Ltd.Company18,090US$31.14
04 Jun 24BuyUS$17,656Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company567US$31.14
04 Jun 24BuyUS$3,801Systematic Financial Management LPCompany120US$31.68
04 Jun 24BuyUS$123,999American Century Investment Management IncCompany3,982US$31.14
04 Jun 24BuyUS$8,471,201Invesco Ltd.Company272,036US$31.14
04 Jun 24SellUS$59,148Systematic Financial Management LPCompany1,850US$31.97
03 Jun 24BuyUS$2,983American Century Investment Management IncCompany94US$31.73
03 Jun 24BuyUS$2,983American Century Investment Management IncCompany94US$31.73
03 Jun 24SellUS$88,196American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,759US$31.97
03 Jun 24SellUS$88,196American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,759US$31.97
31 May 24BuyUS$34,608American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,050US$32.96
31 May 24SellUS$61,608Systematic Financial Management LPCompany1,900US$32.43
31 May 24SellUS$11,075Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company336US$32.96
30 May 24BuyUS$28,388American Century Investment Management IncCompany883US$32.15
30 May 24SellUS$134,099Systematic Financial Management LPCompany4,155US$32.37
29 May 24BuyUS$24,092American Century Investment Management IncCompany760US$31.70
29 May 24SellUS$15,453Systematic Financial Management LPCompany480US$32.23
28 May 24BuyUS$41,240American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,294US$31.87
28 May 24SellUS$37,471Systematic Financial Management LPCompany1,160US$32.31
23 May 24BuyUS$46,512American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,440US$32.30
22 May 24BuyUS$23,414American Century Investment Management IncCompany720US$32.52
22 May 24BuyUS$51,900Man Group PlcCompany1,596US$32.52
21 May 24BuyUS$34,026Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company1,038US$32.78
21 May 24BuyUS$123,581American Century Investment Management IncCompany3,770US$32.78
21 May 24SellUS$2,131DBX Advisors LLCCompany65US$32.78
15 May 24BuyUS$69,479American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,004US$34.67
15 May 24SellUS$38,191Systematic Financial Management LPCompany1,100US$34.72
15 May 24SellUS$6,622Man Group PlcCompany191US$34.67
14 May 24BuyUS$154,467American Century Investment Management IncCompany4,426US$34.90
10 May 24BuyUS$78,813American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,268US$34.75
10 May 24BuyUS$129,715Allspring Global Investments, LLCCompany3,754US$34.55
10 May 24SellUS$18,242Systematic Financial Management LPCompany525US$34.87
10 May 24SellUS$271,517Systematic Financial Management LPCompany7,850US$34.59
10 May 24SellUS$104Janus Henderson Group plcCompany3US$34.62
09 May 24BuyUS$9,326American Century Investment Management IncCompany267US$34.93
09 May 24SellUS$18,242Systematic Financial Management LPCompany525US$34.87
08 May 24BuyUS$83,192American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,403US$34.62
08 May 24SellUS$522,857Systematic Financial Management LPCompany15,150US$34.51
07 May 24BuyUS$105Janus Henderson Group plcCompany3US$34.90
07 May 24BuyUS$18,316American Century Investment Management IncCompany528US$34.69
07 May 24BuyUS$12,974Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company374US$34.69
06 May 24BuyUS$130,399American Century Investment Management IncCompany3,714US$35.11
06 May 24SellUS$6,179Man Group PlcCompany175US$35.31
03 May 24BuyUS$63,369American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,822US$34.78
03 May 24BuyUS$1,600Man Group PlcCompany46US$34.78
02 May 24BuyUS$68Janus Henderson Group plcCompany2US$34.22
02 May 24SellUS$132Janus Henderson Group plcCompany4US$33.03
01 May 24BuyUS$68,496American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,070US$33.09
30 Apr 24BuyUS$489,630American Century Investment Management IncCompany14,739US$33.22
29 Apr 24BuyUS$4,194American Century Investment Management IncCompany124US$33.82
26 Apr 24BuyUS$67,383American Century Investment Management IncCompany1,993US$33.81
25 Apr 24BuyUS$9,997American Century Investment Management IncCompany297US$33.66
24 Apr 24BuyUS$47,180Man Group PlcCompany1,400US$33.70
24 Apr 24BuyUS$19,411American Century Investment Management IncCompany576US$33.70
23 Apr 24BuyUS$171Janus Henderson Group plcCompany5US$34.26
23 Apr 24BuyUS$250,548American Century Investment Management IncCompany7,210US$34.75
23 Apr 24BuyUS$2,467Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company71US$34.75
23 Apr 24SellUS$556Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.Company16US$34.75
23 Apr 24SellUS$25,398Allspring Global Investments, LLCCompany733US$34.65
22 Apr 24BuyUS$3,379Renaissance Technologies LLCCompany100US$33.79
22 Apr 24BuyUS$12,768Man Group PlcCompany380US$33.60
22 Apr 24SellUS$40,272Renaissance Technologies LLCCompany1,200US$33.56
19 Apr 24BuyUS$79,152American Century Investment Management IncCompany2,285US$34.64
27 Dec 23SellUS$304,137Susan DavisIndividual9,889US$30.76

Insider Trading Volume

Insider Buying: Insufficient data to determine if insiders have bought more shares than they have sold in the past 3 months.

Ownership Breakdown

What is the ownership structure of NX?
Owner TypeNumber of SharesOwnership Percentage
State or Government20,4850.0598%
Individual Insiders382,1701.12%

Dilution of Shares: Shareholders have not been meaningfully diluted in the past year.

Top Shareholders

Top 25 shareholders own 88.53% of the company
OwnershipNameSharesCurrent ValueChange %Portfolio %
BlackRock, Inc.
5,262,403US$146.8m-1.66%no data
The Vanguard Group, Inc.
3,721,365US$103.8m0.18%no data
Allspring Global Investments, LLC
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC
State Street Global Advisors, Inc.
1,249,472US$34.8m-1.92%no data
Segall Bryant & Hamill, LLC
Renaissance Technologies LLC
Pacer Advisors, Inc.
Systematic Financial Management LP
LSV Asset Management
American Century Investment Management Inc
Geode Capital Management, LLC
756,199US$21.1m3.24%no data
Invesco Ltd.
546,344US$15.2m1,350%no data
Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.
525,645US$14.7m3.15%no data
Franklin Resources, Inc.
504,739US$14.1m3,200%no data
Royce & Associates, LP
Morgan Stanley, Investment Banking and Brokerage Investments
395,963US$11.0m-12.6%no data
Bridgeway Capital Management, LLC
BNY Asset Management
350,302US$9.8m1.07%no data
Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P.
Northern Trust Global Investments
340,687US$9.5m-1.36%no data
First Eagle Investment Management, LLC
Managed Account Advisors LLC
250,324US$7.0m5.85%no data
Cerity Partners LLC
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