Lordstown Motors Corp.

NasdaqGS:RIDE Stock Report

Mkt Cap: US$160.8m

Lordstown Motors Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Edward Hightower (55 yo)



Mr. Edward T. Hightower serves as President at Lordstown Motors Corp. since November 2021 and serves as Chief Executive Office since July 12, 2022 and serves as its Director since July 2022. He is the Mana...

Leadership Team

Daniel Ninivaggi
Executive Chairman1.58yrsUS$6.00m0.063%
$ 102.0k
Adam Kroll
Executive VP1.42yrsUS$2.08m0.019%
$ 31.2k
Edward Hightower
President1.33yrsno data0.044%
$ 70.0k
Carter Driscoll
VP of Corporate Development2.33yrsno datano data
Melissa Leonard
Executive VP1.17yrsno data0.060%
$ 97.2k
Andrew Reyntjes
Senior Vice President of Sales0.75yrno datano data
Jill Coniglio-Kirk
Vice President of People & Culture0.75yrno datano data
Donna Bell
Executive Vice President of Product Creation0.67yrno datano data
Michael Port
VP of Finance & Controller1.33yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Board Members

Daniel Ninivaggi
Executive Chairman1.58yrsUS$6.00m0.063%
$ 102.0k
Edward Hightower
President0.67yrno data0.044%
$ 70.0k
Joseph Anderson
Independent Director0.83yrno data0.00084%
$ 1.4k
David Hamamoto
Lead Independent Director0.83yrUS$401.41k1.01%
$ 1.6m
Angela Strand
Independent Director2.42yrsUS$1.80m0.031%
$ 49.9k
Laura Soave
Independent Director0.83yrno datano data
Jane Reiss
Independent Director2.42yrsUS$401.80k0.0043%
$ 6.9k
Keith Feldman
Independent Director2.42yrsUS$410.98k0.060%
$ 96.2k
Dale Spencer
Independent Director2.42yrsUS$404.62k0.0043%
$ 6.9k


Average Tenure


Average Age