Advanced Ceramic X Corporation

TPEX:3152 Stock Report

Mkt Cap: NT$12.9b

Advanced Ceramic X Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average board tenure


Chien-Wen Kuo



Mr. Chien-Wen Kuo has been Chairman at Advanced Ceramic X Corporation since June 25, 2016 and has been its President and Chief Executive Officer since December 13, 2013. He holds positions as Chairman of T...

Board Members

Chien-Wen Kuo
Chairman9.58yrsno data2.86%
NT$ 368.5m
Yu-Hui Ning
Financial Director & Independent Director0.58yrno datano data
Yung-Fu Kuo
Representative Director21.58yrsno datano data
Chih-Chun Kuo
Representative Director12.58yrsno data2.48%
NT$ 319.7m
Te-Ti Han
Representative Director12.58yrsno datano data
Petrinec Darko
Representative Director21.58yrsno data0.13%
NT$ 16.5m
Chiu-Feng Lien
Independent Directorno datano datano data
Shiuh-Kao Chiang
Independent Director15.67yrsno datano data
Shang-Min Chin
Independent Director9.58yrsno datano data


Average Tenure

Experienced Board: 3152's board of directors are seasoned and experienced ( 12.6 years average tenure).