Largest Palestinian (Al-Quds) Food, Beverage & Tobacco Stocks by Market Cap

UPDATED Oct 03, 2022

Discover large cap Palestinian Food, Beverage & Tobacco companies that are on the Al-Quds. These Food, Beverage & Tobacco Companies are organised by Market Cap.

CompanyLast Price7D Return1Y ReturnMarket CapAnalysts TargetValuationGrowthDiv Yield
VOICVegetable Oil Industriesد.أ18.000%n/aد.أ72.0mn/aPE6.2xn/a2.8%
PIICPalestine Industrial Investmentد.أ2.41-5.5%-14.2%د.أ45.2mn/aPE6.9xn/a4.1%
AZIZAPalestine Poultry Company L.T.Dد.أ2.900%-3.0%د.أ39.0mn/aPE9.5xn/a6.2%
JCCJerusalem Cigaretteد.أ1.961.0%-31.0%د.أ17.2mn/aPE6.9xn/a5.1%
GMCGolden Wheat Mills P.L.Cد.أ0.90-2.2%12.5%د.أ13.5mn/aPB0.9xn/a6.7%
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