Pioneer Cement Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Syed Iqbal



Mr. Syed Mazher Iqbal has been Chief Executive Officer at Pioneer Cement Limited since June 1, 2021 and has been its Director since 2021. He serves as Chief Executive Officer at Haleeb Foods Limited since...

Leadership Team

Syed Iqbal
CEO & Director1.58yrsno data0.0046%
PKR 542.2k
Waqar Naeem
Chief Financial Officer10.67yrsno datano data
Sohail Anjum
General Manager of Technical2yrsno datano data
Muhammad Irfan
General Manager of Sales & Marketing2yrsno datano data
Shajeel Suleman
Head of the Department of Human Resourcesno datano datano data
Jamal-ud-Din Siddiqui
Chief Internal Auditorno datano datano data
Abdul Wahab
Company Secretary4.5yrsno datano data


Average Tenure

Experienced Management: PIOC's management team is considered experienced (2 years average tenure).

Board Members

Syed Iqbal
CEO & Director2yrsno data0.0046%
PKR 542.2k
Jamal Nasim
Independent Non-Executive Directorno datano data0.00044%
PKR 51.6k
Aly Khan
Chairman7.25yrsno data0.000010%
PKR 1.2k
Mohammed Alam
Non-Executive Directorno datano data0.000040%
PKR 4.7k
Shafiuddin Khan
Independent Non-Executive Director11.25yrsno data0.000040%
PKR 4.7k
Mirza Ali Askari
Non-Executive Directorno datano data0.000040%
PKR 4.7k
Aleeya Khan
Non-Executive Director5.17yrsno data0%
Doraib Kisat
Non-Executive Director0.33yrno datano data


Average Tenure

Experienced Board: PIOC's board of directors are considered experienced (5.2 years average tenure).