How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average management tenure


Jeroen van Glabbeek (43 yo)



Mr. Jeroen van Glabbeek serves as Chief Executive Officer and Founder at CM Telecom B.V. (formerly known as CM Telecom B.V.).. He is involved in all acquisitions of CM. Besides M&A, his main expertise is i...

Leadership Team

Jeroen van Glabbeek
Founder21.92yrsno data25.96%
€ 107.8m
Gilbert Franciscus Adrianus Gooijers
Founder23.92yrsno data25.96%
€ 107.8m
Jorg Graaf
CFO, MD & Member of the Management Board2.67yrsno data0.024%
€ 100.7k
Jan Saan
Chief Technology Officerno datano datano data
Anneke Hoijtink
Head of Investor Relationsno datano datano data
Phuong Nguyen
Card Scheme Compliance Officerno datano datano data
Aard Kegge
Head of Legalno datano datano data
Robert Janssen
Head of Central Salesno datano datano data
Mark Appel
Chief Marketing Officerno datano datano data
Marijn Helmons
Head of Human Resourcesno datano datano data
Brian Manusama
Chief Strategy Officerno datano datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: CMCOM's management team is seasoned and experienced (21.9 years average tenure).

Board Members

Diederik Karsten
Member of Supervisory Board3.92yrsno datano data
Stephan Nanninga
Member of Supervisory Board2.83yrsno datano data
Lex Beins
Member of Supervisory Board3.92yrsno datano data
Mariken Tannemaat
Vice Chair of Supervisory Board3.92yrsno datano data
Jacques van Broek
Chairman of Supervisory Board1.25yrsno datano data
Joelle Frijters
Member of Supervisory Board1.25yrsno datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: CMCOM's board of directors are considered experienced (3.4 years average tenure).