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Average management tenure


Gaurav Jain (42 yo)



Mr. Gaurav Satyapal Jain, B.Sc (Econ), B.Sc.(Comp) has been the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at JAI Corp Limited since June 4, 2008. Mr. Jain served as a Compliance Officer and Company Sec...

CEO Compensation Analysis

How has Gaurav Jain's remuneration changed compared to Jai's earnings?
DateTotal Comp.SalaryCompany Earnings
Sep 30 2022n/an/a


Jun 30 2022n/an/a


Mar 31 2022n/an/a


Dec 31 2021n/an/a


Sep 30 2021n/an/a


Jun 30 2021n/an/a


Mar 31 2021n/an/a


Dec 31 2020n/an/a


Sep 30 2020n/an/a


Jun 30 2020n/an/a


Mar 31 2020n/an/a


Dec 31 2019n/an/a


Sep 30 2019n/an/a


Jun 30 2019n/an/a


Mar 31 2019n/an/a


Mar 31 2018n/an/a


Mar 31 2017n/an/a


Mar 31 2016₹1m₹1m


Compensation vs Market: Insufficient data to establish whether Gaurav's total compensation is reasonable compared to companies of similar size in the Indian market.

Compensation vs Earnings: Insufficient data to compare Gaurav's compensation with company performance.

Leadership Team

Gaurav Jain
MD, CEO & Executive Director14.42yrsno data10.21%
₹ 3.0b
Ashok Kumar
₹ 0
Rajendra Singh
Chief Operating Officer17.83yrs₹6.64mno data
Guru Vedkancherry
Chief Accounts Officerno data₹2.52mno data
Ananjan Datta
Compliance Officer & Company Secretary15.83yrs₹3.75mno data
Dinesh Paliwal
Senior VP12.83yrs₹6.74mno data
Deepak Ojha
Chief Financial Officerno datano datano data
Atul Pawar
General Manager of Marketingno datano datano data
S. Yelgawakar
Vice President of Human Resourcesno datano datano data
Parag Parekh
Executive Officerno datano datano data
Dilip Shukla
Executive Officerno datano datano data
Anil Gupta
Executive Officerno datano datano data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Management: 512237's management team is seasoned and experienced (15.8 years average tenure).

Board Members

Gaurav Jain
MD, CEO & Executive Director18.67yrsno data10.21%
₹ 3.0b
Dinesh Paliwal
Senior VP1.58yrs₹6.74mno data
Anand Jain
₹ 10.7b
Virendra Jain
Vice Chairman35.92yrs₹155.00k11.92%
₹ 3.5b
Kaushik Deva
Independent Non-Executive Director3.42yrs₹187.50kno data
Shruti Shah
Independent Non-Executive Woman Director2.42yrs₹60.00kno data
Priyanka Fadia
Independent Non-Executive Woman Director3.42yrs₹135.00kno data
Amita Jasani
Independent Non-Executive Woman Director3.25yrs₹150.00kno data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: 512237's board of directors are considered experienced (3.4 years average tenure).