Ascent Resources Management

How experienced are the management team and are they aligned to shareholders interests?


Average board tenure


Andy Dennan (37 yo)





Mr. Andrew Denis Dennan, also known as Andy, has been Director at Ascent Resources plc since May 5, 2020 and serves as its Chief Executive Director. Mr. Dennan serves as Chief Executive Officer Ascent Reso...

CEO Compensation Analysis

How has Andy Dennan's remuneration changed compared to Ascent Resources's earnings?
DateTotal Comp.SalaryCompany Earnings
Jun 30 2022n/an/a


Mar 31 2022n/an/a


Dec 31 2021UK£321kUK£242k


Sep 30 2021n/an/a


Jun 30 2021n/an/a


Mar 31 2021n/an/a


Dec 31 2020UK£181kUK£136k


Compensation vs Market: Andy's total compensation ($USD387.44K) is about average for companies of similar size in the UK market ($USD344.21K).

Compensation vs Earnings: Andy's compensation has increased whilst the company is unprofitable.

Board Members

James Parsons
Executive Chairman2.67yrsUK£199.05k0.37%
£ 21.8k
Andrew Dennan
CEO & Director2.5yrsUK£321.23k1.58%
£ 93.1k
Malcolm Graham-Wood
Non-Executive Director2.08yrsUK£30.00kno data
Stephen Birrell
Independent Non-Executive Director2.08yrsUK£30.00kno data


Average Tenure


Average Age

Experienced Board: AST's board of directors are not considered experienced ( 2.3 years average tenure), which suggests a new board.